Wods, Wednesday and Friday 23/25 March

26 Mar

In the throes of organising the “big move”.

This seems to have reduced my capacity for fun.  I took some unbelievably humorous and amusing photos. Cannot be bothered to exploit them.


So I got Efe and Tom in this side splittingly  amusing  scenario, preparing for Wednesdays weighted pull ups. Can I be bothered to  giggle: snigger, make a funny caption?


Arranging waste transfer deals, talking to the rates department and printing out Ordnance Survey maps has denuded me of humour

Oh dear….

Well, sleepwalking on from this apathy, via Tower Hamlets planning department, (that is full of lovely people, but Im just not that into planning,) and  inbetween finishing the 2010 accounts, I somehow stumbled on Wednesday. We had some sort of strength component  followed by a new Crossfit London UK  wod  of,4,3,2,1,

kettlebell turkish get ups/ring dips.

It was Ok. I suppose

Dragged myself to Friday ( ie  pulled myself.. not dressed up in woman’s clothing) where I thought we ought to prepare for heavy squat cleans. So after some other strength stuff : it was, choose a heavy weight that you can clean at least 3 of in the first minute, then as many squat cleans as you can in 2 minutes, followed by 2 minutes rest x 4.

Was horrible! Well done Samir and Ryan

Whilst talking to our electricity suppling I began facing the stark reality that the new changing rooms are due to arrive on the morning of 1st April…Well, if thats not a prophetic warning about the comedy value of attempting to swing a one and a half tonne changing room off a lorry drop it on some rollers and push it into another railway arch… i dont know what is..

Bile in the entrails of a sacrificed dove, presumably.

Well, at least we dont have to worry about taking Sunday off, because its “making-the-new-pull-up-bar-system-in-Malcolm-Place-Day”, while struggling with the theft of an hour in bed, stolen by an uncaring coalition government

Prepares you for any challenge.
Doesn’t stop you from whining.

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