All good things must pass [We’ve moved!!]

17 Apr

And so our Gales Gardens adventure is finally over!

This afternoon with the help of a large number of CrossFit London clients* we picked up our toys and dragged them to our new home at 9 Malcolm Place, E2 0EU. As of tomorrow morning at 0630 all classes will now take place in the new gym. We have updated the map information on the ‘Finding Us’ page, so please check that out if you are not sure where we are now based.

We still have a fair few things to figure out in the new place, so you may have to bear with us as we try out various combinations of layouts. After all, it took us the best part of 12 months to figure out how best to use Gales Gardens…!

As I shut and locked the door for the last time this afternoon, I mulled over some of the great memories that I have from the past 20 months: the two days cleaning nicotine off the ceiling, people playing chicken with the white van, being chased by the Rottweiler at the end of alleyway, frozen pipes during the winter, the ongoing damp problems and so on.

Most of my best memories, though, are of you lot; coming in day after day, rain or shine, working amazingly hard, smashing personal bests, getting stronger, faster and better every day. It’s truly inspiring.

And the best bit?

Looking forward to seeing it all again at the new place!


* Thank you , thank you, thank you to Alex, Naim, Mark, Harriet, Stephanie, Kate, Adrienne, Cian, Colm, Edd, Phil, Simon, Temi, and Adam for all your help this afternoon!

7 thoughts on “All good things must pass [We’ve moved!!]

  1. I’m not ashamed to say that that dog frightened the absolute life out of me – it’s chain didn’t look thick enough to hold a spaniel, how about 200lbs of slavering hellhound.

  2. Mark I agree with you. That dog definitely improved my ‘carry strange scaffolding across Bethnal Green’ time.

  3. I have a lot of fond memories and made very good friends at Gales Gardens, best of luck in the new box.

  4. First WOD: 70 heavy push jerks for time with a squat clean AND front squat every time you buy back in after dropping the bar. Took me about 16:30 spread over at least 11 sets.
    awesome workout, combo of strength, technique, strategy. great way to christen the new place!

    Carlos, look forward to seeing you there next time you’re in town.

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