April 1st! A moving Joke

01 Apr

Others may screw about with practical jokes on April 1st, but at Crossfit London we focus on our clients!

Rather than waste precious time smearing itching powder on the loos or laying down artificial dog poo ( ooooo, me aching sides.) We were about the serious business of unloading the new changing room/shower/loo complex for the new gym.


When it comes to shifting one and a half tonne of changing room, its all hands to the pump, and its not a laughing matter

Well done, me, Trevor, Steven, the team  from Jetyres next door, chris (our inspired forklift truck driver), and the lorry/ high Ab controller, whose name escapes me.

Thank you all. The Changing Rooms are in….. we can begin the moving process in earnest!

Thanks to Bluewater Forklift-Truck hire for a super, early to arrive , great helpful driver and forklift truck.


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