Body Weight Blast

02 Apr

Saturday 2nd April 2011

Hello I am back for my usual Saturday after my day off last week. Thank you for all the messages of concern I am very touched.

After warming up with a couple of clock games we moved on to the strength element of the day which was heavy dead lifts.  2×5 and 1×5+ ( maximum reps)

There was some great efforts here and a couple of PB’s. Well done Joy. Stephanie you showed some great improvement in your dead lift posture today.


And also a mention for Samir with some super aggressive and mildly scary dead lifting.

On to the WOD done for time:

100 Squats

75 Press Ups

50 Sit Ups

25 Pull Ups

There was some real effort made here to keep your form. Kate was amazing with forty full press ups before having to use the box style.  Ben you gutted it out too.  Thomas and April were fantastic with maximum effort in the pull ups. Stick at it guys you will see some improvement.

And the last word is for Sally. There is nothing wrong with being ginger…. Oh and the 21 days of burpees was an April Fool….


5 thoughts on “Body Weight Blast

  1. Having trained with a few international runners and have always enjoyed following sport in general not least the recent cricket world cup I have to say that Samir performance in the deadlifts was outstanding and will not esacape my meomory for a long time

  2. Ah Col what a cute bubby you were! Ok so maybe if my baby is ginger it wont be that bad.

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