But can you row…..

18 Apr

Lea Rowing Club Come to Crossfit for Talent ID

On the evening of Tuesday 3 May, Lea Rowing Club based in Stoke Newington, Hackney, (www.learc.org.uk) will be coming to the Crossfit London  gym to turn everyone rowing crazy! Coaches from Lea RC, who row the river next to the London 2012 Olympic stadium, will be looking to identify individuals with the raw physiological talent to compete in the sport of rowing at a national or international level.

Lea RC coaches will conduct an introductory training session on the use of a Concept 2 indoor rowing machine before putting each individual through a series of short tests designed by the Lea RC Director of Rowing, and former Great Britain and Army RC head coach Nigel Weare. No prior expereince on a rowing machine is necessary, just a willingness to commit approximately 25/30 minutes of your time to find out if you have the potential to be an elite oarsman or oarswoman!

After the test data has been collated, the Lea RC coaches will produce a breakdown of the results for everyone tested so you can all see how you have done against GB rowing targets. In addition, Lea RC will be looking to invite those athletes that show sufficient levels of talent to participate in a four week introductory rowing course on the river at Lea RC. Ordinarily this course, designed for people with a training history and high levels of athletic potential, would cost £150. However to anyone identified from  Crossfit London , it will be free!

For any other details please contact the Lea RC captain, Josh, at captain@learc.org.uk. We look forward to seeing you on 3 May!

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