Double Unders: Accepting the inevitable.

01 Apr

Double Unders are hard.

We know. All the coaches have struggled with them at one time or another and now we see the same thing happening with our athletes. Colin posted a few months ago a link to these, and at first we all mocked and belittled the idea. A jumpless jump rope? Really?

Problem is, one of the best ways to train the double under is to practice the timing without getting tripped up by the rope, something that isn’t practical with the skipping ropes we have at the gym. Not to mention that we have enough issues with them getting messed up and kinks in the rope.

After much discussion among the coaches, we decided to get a pair of the jumpsnap ropes as a training tool. We’ll be testing them out with various athletes who struggle with double unders over the next few weeks, and closely monitor any progress made.

I’ll be using them for Sunday’s class, so get ready to test both.

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