Good luck Simon and Alex! [CrossFit Level 1 Certification]

07 Apr

Another proud moment for CrossFit London as two more members go off in search of their CrossFit Level I Coaching Certification this coming weekend.

Please wish Simon and Alex all the best for their weekend of PVC poles, Fran and CFCL’s chemical loos…

Good luck and godspeed, gentlemen!

16 thoughts on “Good luck Simon and Alex! [CrossFit Level 1 Certification]

  1. Break a leg, chaps (please, not literally!)
    And at least you won’t be freezing to death like a bunch of us were last December.

    Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Good luck guys! i’m sure you’ll both kill it! Love the photoshop montage above, too!

  3. Thank you Steven and everyone. Preparations are well under way. Aiming to smash the WODS, pass the exam with flying colours, and do The Blackboard Gym proud.

  4. Good luck guys. Whilst the weather may be glorious outside whilst you’re training it could be much MUCH worse…

    Cue hideous memories of me, Andrew and Phil waiting around for four hours in freezing December to take our refresher exams with only Andrew’s random swearing about the cold to amuse us.

  5. All the best to you. I’m sure you won’t need luck as you’ll have prepared so well!

  6. Good luck guys I know you’ll kill it!

    Totally jealous of all the reports of sunshine in london. Its still super chilly here with piles of melting dirty snow everywhere…

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