Just 45 Reps Of Each

09 Apr

Saturday 9th April 2011

Today we continued with our coordinated strength program.  Working our shoulders with 2×5 and 1×5+. Some excellent progress has been made here.  In both numbers and form.  Keep up the good work.

We then went on to the main WOD


Front Squats 60kg/40kg

Box Jumps

It is only 45 reps’ but boy don’t they hurt.  A short little blast with 6 minutes being an excellent target. Good shape and form again displayed here with people really driving up with high elbows and establishing a good tight core so as not to collapse forward when you were tired.

We had time for a little Afterparty of Tabata handstand holds and or the plank.

Excellent grunting and shouting here, more of that please.
Post Script

On a side note it is now just a month left of the burpee challenge. If you are still in, well done, no really well done.  If you are looking for a fast time you need to be exposing yourself to some intense burpee practice. Try and get as close to 20 in a minute as possible for as close to three minutes as you can. So warm up start a running clock and go for twenty in the first minute and reapeat for the second and third minutes. Note your score.  Try this every three days, the other days do gentle burpees. 😉

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