Moving day action plan

16 Apr

Thanks to everyone who has offered their help for tomorrow’s move.

We are going to convene at 9 Gales Gardens at 12:30, immediately after Phil’s last class finishes. If you are in that class, we may afford you a few moments to catch your breath!

Tasks for tomorrow:

Essentially, if it ain’t fixed down, we’re moving it to the new gym!

  • Bars
  • Bumpers
  • Kettlebells
  • Boxes
  • Bands
  • Racks
  • The cage
  • Benches
  • Mats
  • The metal cupboard
  • …and so on

We will – courtesy of Alex D. – have a van for the afternoon which should make things a little easier for the awkwardly shaped items.

For the purpose of efficiency, we will probably split the group up into three smaller teams:

  1. Dismantlers: taking apart the cage, pull-up frames, and unscrewing the mats from the floor (Lead by Steven)
  2. Loaders: moving kit from the gym to the van and/or directly to the new gym by hand (Lead by Phil)
  3. Unloaders: based at the new gym, unloading the van and moving kit to its new home (Lead by Andrew)

In reality everyone will get a chance to do everything, but this way hopefully people won’t get under each other’s feet!


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