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22 Apr

I posted about the concept of the dangers of ‘chronic seatedness’ earlier on in the week, and mulled over the possibility of moving my home office arrange over to a standing desk.

Well, it seems that geek heroine of mine, Gina Trapani saw the the same article and posted about her experience of standing desks (in short: she loves them).

So I figured with nothing better to do on a Bank Holiday Friday, I too would put my feet where my chair was and erect a standing desk. As it happens my home office workspace is based around adjustable shelving (everything fits into the alcoves) so it was a relatively simple task to pull off. However, not so simple that it would be easy to reverse should I choose to renege on the challenge.


I spend the vast majority of my day – working or otherwise – sitting; be it in front of a computer, or in meetings. My neck and upper back ache badly the longer I stay seated, which means I fidget more, and get into even worse postural positions. My posture (which is pretty poor to start with) gets worse, and so does the pain. It is not uncommon for me to end up with muscles in my neck and shoulders so tight and knotted that it almost impossible to find a position that relieves the pain. Needless to say, I could do without that.

So why not? This way, I can focus on improving my posture whilst still being to ‘work’ effectively. It also means that my core postural muscles are constantly working which has got to be better than dead horses

And right now. I’d trade sore feet for the burning pain in my neck and shoulder!

I’ll experiment over the weekend, and if all goes well I’ll start working on how to arrange this at work too…

Steven's standing desk
Steven's standing desk

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