New Equipment order

20 Apr

next week we need to put a new equiment order in . This will be for the smaller stuff… bars etc.

If there is something you think we need , put it under comments.


5 sets of rings

4 – 8 wall balls ( 10kg)

extra 6ft bars

extra “proper” ladies olympic bars

bands, especially “kates hair bands” and red ones

additional weights.

spring clips, easily 10 sets  with some as spares

20/24 kg kettlebells, say 8

Individual yoga type mats?

20 thoughts on “New Equipment order

  1. 20/24kg kettlebells…awesome, have been hoping for some more!

    Perhaps some new jump ropes? Not sure how many we have but the numbers seem to be dwindling. These can be picked up for pretty cheap at good quality from a company called Nortech:

    (The Speedstar are the standard ones)

    I always bring a hockey ball in my bag in case I need to roll anything out but some lacrosse/hockey balls at the box would be handy.

  2. are ‘proper’ ladies bars like the black 15kg one? If not, can we get more like that with the narrower holding bit – I definitely find it much easier to use and grip (for my delicate wee hands :-O )

  3. More jump ropes in different lengths for us shorties, please! And second the vote for more spring clips.

  4. Not sure it qualifies as a small bit of kit, but it’d be cool if we got a prowler sled or sprint harness would be great addition.

    I second the hockey balls too.

  5. Ruiari…nice suggestion. I did make this suggestion a while ago and apparently we have a sled somewhere, it just didn’t get used because of the noise it created. Also not sure where we’d push/pull it as the road outside the new place always seems so busy.

    But yeah i’d love some prowler pushes/sled pulls too!

  6. On the gymnastic side some parallel bars and springboards would be really useful. Along with a back handspring trainer aka Pacman.

  7. there is now an accessible sledge in the gym.

    impossible to pull it on the street as it makes an awful noise.. but we tested it on the mats and it was ok…it will probably make a feature in a deadlift improvement session… i think the harness needs to be a bit better the moment its my old black belt looped through.. but with a cage, a bag of chain and a sledge, that makes us a pretty cool strength facility

  8. class vote…

    for medballs and wall balls, the balls on wolverson only go to 7kg.

    is everyone ok with the big pink (10kg) med ball? obviously we will buy some smaller for the laydeez

  9. A proper dipping belt + chain for the weighted chins – rather than the lethal nut/toe crushing combo of the karate belt tied to a kettle bell.

  10. Mark – We have one somewhere, I believe it’s Chris’s and he leaves it at the box. We also have chains somewhere!

  11. More white and red pull up bands please!
    Also, I know this not strictly gym equipment but…..
    Can we get mirrors in the shower cubicles please? And nicely fragranced somethings for the loos- not pointing any fingers or anything!

  12. just a thought – a couple of those little metronomes for the running club might be useful…

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