Running Club 19th April – Go Slower?!

23 Apr

The running club has been going strong for a few weeks now, with intrepid crossfit london runners drilling their running technique and working those intervals hard.
For instance last week, we asked the runners to do 200m repeats, with explicit instructions to stick to a steady 75%-80% effort pace. What happened ? Everyone pretty much bolted the 200m as if they were out to win the WOD, with all technique going out of the window. You cant hold a crossfiter back!
So for this week I decided to enforce a pace. After two initial practice laps of 200m in the park , I asked the team to run 200m at a 01:00min pace for the next 6 intervals, with a minutes rest. The goal being to drill the running tecnique as best as possible, and to work at a pace which would lead to a 5K time of 25 minutes. Of course at first we had everyone letting loose and sprinting it, but by the 3rd and 4th runs everyone pretty much settled into the pace.

Well done to everyone who took part, please remember that the POSE running drills take time to stick, and even if you have glimpses of what falling for 5k would feel like (by breaking balance and allowing your feet to catch up) then that’s a success!

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