Running Club night….

05 Apr

It was a packed evening of Pose Running drills, stretches and fast 600m… what else do you want from a running club other than technical enhancement, genuine development of your aerobic capacity, great teaching and motivation… and mediocre photography.

And how fast was I ?


A great evening headed up by our lovely Efe, with encouragement and support from Trevor. Tonight we introduced “Stretch” to the group,  Stretch is an Australian personal trainer who loves Iron man events. He has his Crossfit Endurance certification and will be heading a  “Crossfit London Endurance/Iron man preparation” session on Saturdays  starting in, about,  2 weeks time.

Although, we need a snappier name for it.

On reflection, Andrew should not have activated peoples Glutes as he did. He has been sent to the naughty step.

Dont forget your home work.

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