The Burpee Challenges’ Little Brother

01 Apr

I know I know another Burpee challenge!

But look I have learnt loads from posting the 100 days of burpees.  The biggest lesson I blogged about, a challenge is a goal and a goal should be achievable.  I felt terrible when I started to hear about your troubles with keeping up aside from altitude issues (no one could have for seen that) there was dress code, time and of course RSI.

In my defence I did mention all these at the start.  So I have had a little think and come up with a new challenge for those who have had to drop out and or never started.

It is just 21 days of burpees. Yes not even a whole month.  On day one you do 1 burpee, day two 2 burpees, day three 4 burpees, day four 8 burpees. And so on just keep doubling up the the previous days burpee number until you reach day 21.  Easy. Enjoy.

5 thoughts on “The Burpee Challenges’ Little Brother

  1. This is great – I’m going to start this.
    I should be doing – er – quite a few by day 21 😉

  2. I think I prefer the 100 day burpee challenge! By my calculation this is 1024 burpees by day 10. I stopped calculating after that.

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