Wednesdays during the games

01 Apr

Hi All

just to let you know that during the “Games period”: the wod on Wednesday nights will either be the new Games wod, or a previous one ( Im not sure if they will change every week)

Im going to allow 12 people a session, on the basis that 6 workout while the other 6 score, then switch. This begins building your experience as judges.

We cannot easily change the numbers on the system, but I will add you from the waiting list as your name appears ( so if the session shows full, get on the waiting list: most days ill check 2 times) and do  keep an eye on the games site

Good luck

4 thoughts on “Wednesdays during the games

  1. Hey andrew what do you mean by “games period”? What are the games? Please excuse me if Im being forgetful and you have told me in one of our classes ! 🙂 How come we are changing the wods as a result?

  2. Wow Paddy…you’ve never heard of the Crossfit Games!?

    I like this a lot Andrew, i’ve wanted to try the first WOD from this year’s games but have missed it when it has been programmed.

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