WOD 12 Apr: Exhausting Stuff

12 Apr

As most of the pictures show, if they weren’t spent by the time the squats were over, they were certainly buggered come the metcon. Even looking through the photos may make you require a sit down and a cuppa tea. And so it went…

Mobility: spinal waves, deep lunges, thoracic twists, squat into ankle knee stretch.

Strength: back squat 5-5-5+

Metcon: 1 deadlift, 10 box jumps2 deadlifts, 9 box jumps… all the way to 10 deadlifts, 1 box jump (Rx 90kg/60kg)

Finisher (apologies team 7am for my shoddy time keeping that meant you skipped this little bit of misery): 4 min squat hold test.

Some more solid squatting today across the board. Good work both Pete and Matt (looking nice and spent after his final set below). And great work from the ladies: Rosie, Nadia, Helen and Jan all making good progress either on weights or form.

"Gimmie a minute"

Well done to Sam for finishing the metcon recommended in 8:04 and Rosie as recommended in 9.33 with Ruairi not far behind on 10.24. Excellent work Trevor for upping the weight and still beasting this one in 8:49. But the show stealer was, as always, Ben’s war cry on every one of those last reps instilling pure fear into the 8am group as they pondered ‘what hideous thing awaits us that could make a grown man make such a noise?!?’ Go TEAM!

Nadia can't bear to watch, as Ben sobs into his barbell
Only a few rounds left!

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