WOD 14th April 10 Minuute Snatch Test

15 Apr

Yep you read that right!!!

The Minuute Test…….Blame it on the pregnancy brain.

It meant to say 10 minute snatch test, I know you lot love a good snatch test!

So after a quick block run to warm up I asked you all to arm yourselves with your weapons and begin. For those who had done the test before we were aiming for a little higher.

If you are not aware of the snatch test it is simples!

10 Minutes of pure Kettlebell Snatching with 24kg and 16kg.

You can alternate between arms but you got to keep going for 10 whole minutes.

Well done Simon for smashing your previous target Whoop Whoop!

We did a bit of skill work after all that snatching, working on our muscle ups.

We did a simple ladder of 8-1 of muscle up ring progressions while also working at on depth drill 1-8.

The depth drill is where we lined up 3 boxes, feet on one hands across the other two as if to do a push up. The task is to achieve the depth you would in a muscle up.

After all that active rest….(I know it wasn’t a real rest but the ladders weren’t that bad)  I felt another mini wod was in call.

An AMRAP that I adjusted time wise depending on what was left.

5 Power Snatches (from floor) 25/35Kg

10 Pistol Squats

I got mention how tough you lot found the pistols, maybe it will have to pop up a bit more often!

Well done all and thanks for putting up with the pregnancy brain!!

To see how I got on with this wod check out


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