WOD 18th April Strength all the way

19 Apr

Today was about strength and going heavy.

We warmed up with bar cleans and jerks getting the moves practised before adding some weight to the bar.

We went like this 10 cleans, 10 jerks, 8 clean & jerks, 6 clean & jerks.

Nice and quickly through the reps getting a warming effect.

Next up we begun to add weight. For those who hadn’t done much clean & jerks it was trial and error to see what they could achieve today.

Not wanting to deviate from the usual strength program, which today was pressing.

It was our usual 2×5 and 1×5+

As we had been pressing in the form of a push jerk already we worked on maybe 1/2 warm up sets till we hit working set.

Rack already out we now switched to front squats.

We had 3 working sets of 3 to complete after first warming up with 2/3 sets of progressive weight.

A mention to Colm who got a Pb well done, Whoop.

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