Wod 1st April 2011: Grace and stuff

01 Apr

A lively evening began with some mysterious mobility drills, otherwise known as the boring poo that used to be passed off on women in “legs bums and tums” classes, but with the added twist of some post isometric relaxation, and reciprocal inhibition… wow…. God how boring.

Anyway it was a cheap trick to get a whole group of people to do this to each other without first arranging to meet on a lonely hearts internet site., or buy each other dinner…….

followed by a  lovely stretch for your bum…..(I did have  a great photo to illustrate this , but I was told that “April wouldnt thank you for that!”)

Anyway, we followed this by 30 clean and jerks


A (power) clean and jerk, looks like this


followed by weighted chins (or negatives) which Kate makes look like this.


That Kate: she gives  “Good Face”

Good Job. Well done to Darryl and Adam for blasting through at the rx’d weight of 60kg, and an “almost there” to Kirsty and Kate for their 37.5/35kg effort ( target 40kg!!)

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