WOD 21st April Making the most of the sun!

22 Apr

What a lovely day!

It’s a shame to be in a gym. My plan was to get you guys out in the sun shine as much as possible.

First we had to get the strength out of the way.

My warm up today was a bit harsh I guess but I think I have been fairly soft on you lot recently so what the hell…………

Bodyweight FRAN

That doesn’t mean you thruster your bodyweight….

The Thrusters are sub-ed with burpees!

As it was a warm up you did 15-12-9 reps starting with burpees.

Steve set the bar at 3 minutes and 41 seconds.

Next up was Pressing and the Strength programming of 2×5 1×5+

You did a warm up wit the bar and then 2 adding some weight.

We saw some good strong forms from most and a few crazy bad habits from some….I wont name and shame you but you know who you are!!!

We need to work on those corrections before we start going mental with the weight.

Next its the Met con. The bit I have been looking forward to. Getting out of the gym and catching some rays!!!

This was taken from Crossfit Auckland.

5 rounds of

50 Swings

400m Run.

The new route for the 400m is at present an approximation. I will get my tape measure out next time. Its may be a tad shorter then 400m but not much!

At the new venue on Malcom Place we have the freedom to swing outside without the danger of white vans running us over!! Whoop.

Well done Asif. After his first round of me shouting at him to use his hips he finally got it as his arms just wouldn’t play ball with him any longer!!! Thats the trick though, it’s not an arm exercise!!

Good job to all and ain’t it fab to be outside!

To see how I got on with his WOD check out……


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  1. did this auckland WOD today – only managed 4 rounds before I left myself off the hook (reason no 4789 that crossfit is better with other people)

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