WOD 31st March Deadlifting Dynamos

01 Apr

I am still following the morning strength program with Steve and Chris.

Today on the cards was deadlifting with chin ups while resting.

First I took the gang outside for a spot of mobility, taking advantage of the blue skies!

On to deadlifts….

Warm ups sets were the usual bar-wu-wu.

Jeff got rather confused. Think he thought wu-wu referred to the cocktail. No such luck Jeff.

Working sets were 5,5,5+

We did the same with our chin ups

For some we used a box as support instead of bands (If more details on how this works check out  http://sallydixey.com/2011/03/wod-31st-march-chin-ups-in-the-morning/)

Met Con today was taken from Auckland Crossfit site.

AMRAP 10 minutes

2 Squat Cleans

4 Handstand Push ups

8 Burpees

Leaving just enough time for a caterpillar stand off. (caterpillar is the plank with extended levers)

Well Done Crew.

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