WOD 5 Apr: It’s JUST Drizzle!

06 Apr

Great session on Tuesday with some great performances from the morning athletes and some great photos too – especially the pic above which I’m loving in an artyfarty distorted kinda way. The workout looked like this:

Mobility: Arm circles, neck circles, table makers, scapular push ups and scapular wall slides

Strength: Overhead press 5-5-5+

Metcon: 5 rounds of 15 sumo deadlift high pull, 15 push ups and a suicide run up the alley

Finisher: another squat hold test of 2-3 minutes

Despite some initial grumbling about it raining (Rosie and Amelia are a dangerous combination). Raining? Pah! Drizzle at best. The first group accepted their fate and threw themselves into the workout. Five lovely rounds with the killing blow seeming to be those push ups straight after the SDLHP.

Very well done to Eric – new to all this and working really hard… and to Jan who after coming back from a bit of break worked really hard too and her press still looking as good as it was. Finally, well done for Helen who was severely tempted to scale her push ups mid-workout but refused and soldiered on! When the going gets tough and all that. Go TEAM!

3 thoughts on “WOD 5 Apr: It’s JUST Drizzle!

  1. Thanks for the encouragement Chris – much appreciated 🙂 cool action shots too! Hx

  2. So, after being a little bit of a drama queen, it was a actually a really great WOD- much enjoyed. Thanks Chris!

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