WOD 7 Apr: Pass the Buck

07 Apr

I can’t be blamed for today’s finisher – a headstand followed by leg raises (essentially lowering the feet to the floor and then raising them back up again). In fact, it’s something that I picked up from the gymnastics class, so it’s Amelia’s fault, not mine.

Thursday looked like this:

Mobility: dislocations, overhead squats, hip circles, hip bends, lateral squats, boot strappers.

Strength: back squat 5-5-5+

Skill: clean pulls 3-3-3-3

Finisher: headstand leg raises – 20 reps (or just headstand practice)

A number of the athletes gave the low bar position a go on the back squat today, all finding it made their squat feel much sturdier and much stronger. Food for thought for anyone wanting to shake up their squat technique. Praise needs to go to two early morning regulars Ruairi and Ben. When I started my classes back in November I remember constantly having to comment on wanting more depth from them – both athletes are now sporting some pretty solid squats and tackling some much bigger weights (110kg and 100kg respectively for their 5’s) with extremely confident (full depth) lifting. Kudos!

The clean pull was the skill work today working at 100-110% of clean 1rm or for those that don’t know this – very bloomin’ heavy. And here’s a few good shots:

And the finisher as you can probably deduce was actually quite trickly. But well done to Nadia, Helen and Naim who managed it well. Coach Sally popped down for the second class, please check out her blog entry – she’s already written it for today. Much faster than me. Go TEAM!

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