WOD 7th April Back to Skool

08 Apr

With the Crossfit open WOD coming up with loads of squat cleans. I thought it was high time we tried to iron out a few of the reverse curlers out there.

Firstly though we spent 30 minutes on our squats.

Back Squats with the usual 2×5, 1×5+

Of course we warmed up with first the bar and then with 2 sets progressing the weight till we hit our working sets.

At one point in the 6.30 class near on all the plates were being used!

You are a strong lot!

Finishing the squats we now had to tackle the clean.

I started with a explanation of what muscles work and how we can get the greatest energy transfer to the bar.

We discussed in detail how the bar moves in relation to the athlete (you move round the bar not the other way) and the importance of a good transition in the catch.

After practise from the floor we then looked at a hang position and how we can transfer our skill from the floor to a hang position.

We then worked in sets of 3 building up some weight.

All in all some really nice improvements and light bulb moments where you could see the movement clicking.

Well Done Crew

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