WOD April 12: Fun for everyone. Really.

12 Apr

Today’s class was fun. At least for me.

Strength work for the day was Back Squats. We also learned that some people can’t take solitude, as no one wanted to work in the cage by themselves. Don’t worry, it’s not a character flaw, and I still like you.

The WOD was much more fun:

3-5 Rounds, depending on level.

10 Deadlifts at Bodyweight

10 Heavy Kettlebell swings

10 Pull ups

The goal of the session was to make people work on various weaknesses and this workout is a great diagnostic tool for that. Can’t handle heavy deadlifts? Grind them out one at a time. How’s your hip extension? Train it with the KB swing. Suck at pull ups? Don’t worry, I have plenty of time to make sure they’re clean reps.

Best of all, if you’re really great at everything, then you can power through and finish the WOD well before the time limit gets called.

Or pass out trying.

Good Job to everyone who survived.

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