WOD: April 17th. The Move: Aka Farmer walks for time.

17 Apr

Today was the last official WOD at the old gym.

It was emotional.


Before anything else, a big thank you to everyone who came to help us Sunday. You make us a box worth training at and we wouldn’t be able to do half the cool stuff we do without you. Thank you for everything and for letting us do what we do.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Today’s strength work was strict press, but to make it more interesting, after every set everyone had to do either max Toes to bar, or maximum hold L-sit in the rings. Doesn’t sound like much but it adds up quickly.

The workout was an old favorite:



Overhead Squats

Pull ups

Overhead squats are a personal favorite. If an athlete biases their knees in the squat even slightly, they lose the ability to squat under any kind of load, or even with PVC.

The finisher was a brilliant use of mass labor.


1) Strip the place bare. Take everything. Remove the things bolted into the floor.

2) In a van or on foot, carry everything to the new gym.

3) Save the hanging kitten banner.

The result was a small army ripping up mats, taking apart scaffolding, and doing farmer walks with kettlebells and bars. In a surprisingly short amount of time, we had everything at the new place and laid out, ready to be set up. Funnily enough, no matter how much gear we stacked and stashed in it, the space didn’t seem to get any smaller.

In a word: Awesome.

Crossfit London is ready for business at our new local, and it is magnificent.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Glutton’s for Punishment.” To David and Elaine. As if the Saturday kettlebell seminar wasn’t enough, they both came to the Sunday class to under go my special brand of humor again.

“The Magnet” To Adrienne. Who was the focus of Andrew’s attention and compliments during her overhead squats.

“All stars” To Naim, Alex, Harriet, Edd, everyone from the 11:30 class for helping with the move. You guys rock.

2 thoughts on “WOD: April 17th. The Move: Aka Farmer walks for time.

  1. I feel quite attached to the old place even though I’m a newbie!
    My wings are still whingeing from Sunday but have totally got hooked. Already doing Turkish Get Ups with my people:))) Nice.

  2. Glad you’re hooked already Elaine and it’s awesome to hear you’re doing those Turkish Get ups!

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