WOD April 19: Welcome party.

19 Apr

Apologies for the late post. After working with me closely for more then 2 years, my computer (literally) decided to
take the big sleep. Hence, I may be flailing around ineffectually for a few days.

Enough with the pity party.

Welcome to the first Tuesday at the new gym!

Obviously we needed to break in the new place with style so we had a whole set of skills and drills ready:
Turkish get ups as a quick prep, then double unders and muscle up transitions.

Old school classics.

It’s good to see that the overall standard of double under is improving, especially with them coming up more in workouts and the games WOD’s. It’s tough at first but soon you might even be able to not only do multiple double unders, but even “recover” during them.

A frightening idea I know.

The mini WOD used the skills we had worked on earlier, a 3 min AMRAP of 3 ring dips and 10 double unders. Followed by the WOD:

3 rounds
1 min thrusters
1 min SDHP
1 min push ups
1 min rest

As anyone who’s done this WOD format can attest, the scheduled rest is actually not very helpful. It’s not long enough to actually let you recover, but it is long enough for you to realize how bad the next round is going to be. The weight ranged from 20 KG’s to 40 KG’s. Whether more a strength based workout or a work capacity workout, no one was safe.

While the number of reps lowered considerably each round but form did not. Excellent priorities.

See you all Sunday.

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