WOD April 24th: Nothing to it.

24 Apr

Happy Easter Sunday!

Granted, most of the class, myself included, had no idea it was Easter Sunday until someone mentioned it.

Doesn’t matter, Crossfit is like the post office: Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor bank holidays, will keep us from hitting PR’s.

We started off with some hip prep, Turkish Get up and double under practice before working on some heavy squats.

The WOD for the day?

1/2 of Angie.
50 Pull ups
50 Push ups
50 Sit ups
50 Squats

The initial reaction of almost everyone was to find the catch. Just a 1/2 Angie? No way.

Rest assured, after heavier squat work, all you need is something nice and easy befitting a Sunday.Of all the movements, the push ups are what stopped most people, but barely. No one needed the 15 minute cap and we had quite a few sub 10’s. Very well done.

Arbitrary Awards:
“Speedy” To Simon, Who finished the WOD in a blazing sub 9. Very impressive.

“Bend like the Reed” To Nick, after weeks of working on it, Nick is finally making progress on his hip flexibility and his squat has greatly improved from it. Good Job Nick.

“First time, but not the last” To Jeff, for hitting his first double unders. Excellent progress.

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