WOD March 3rd: Of Squats and Speed

03 Apr

*Photos will be up later today.

Oh Sundays.

The day where everyone has to recover from lack of sleep and various vices.

Definitely not a day to do anything too rough.

You know, unless it’s me and I’m given enough coffee to kill a small animal.

After our usual hip prep, it was straight to 2×5 and 1×5+ Front Squats
Followed by 1 attempt at 15-20 reps back squats. Just to keep things interesting.

It wasn’t death by squats, but it was close enough.

To prepare for the WOD, we had a quick warm up of double unders and KB swings and then it was game time:

WOD:Nice and easy 10 min guillotine.
42/21 Double Unders Kettlebell Swings
30/15 D. Unders, KB Swings
18/9 D.Unders, KB Swings

The cut off time meant that speed was much more important then breathing (as many of us proved.) With only 10 minutes to finish, it’s impossible to justify pacing or gaming the workout. The only thing to do is to go as fast and as hard as possible.

Lots and lots of fun.

We had multiple sub-5 min finishers, topped off with the record time of 3:23 set by this morning’s visiting crossfitter.

Well done to everyone, see you Tuesday.

Arbitrary Awards;
“Zen Master” To Nick. Who approached each double under with the pose of a samurai before a duel.

“Corporal Punishment.” To everyone who got whipped by a jump rope and is having fun either hiding it or explaining it at work today. That’s what happens when you misbehave in class.

“Most humbling.” To Eviana. A visiting Crossfitter from Michigan. 18 years old. Weighs in at around 62 KG. Who is pound for pound, the best athlete I’ve seen. It’s a reminder of how much work we all have to do, and how scary some athletes out there are.

“Enablers.” To Jeff and Gareth. For supplying me with the caffeine that kept me fueled all day and bouncing off the walls.

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