WOD March 5th: The Grind.

05 Apr

There comes a time when you have to admit it to yourself:

You’ve gotten lazy.

I subtly self selected workouts that were short, brutal and heavy. Things that I’m good at. The longer, but mid weight workouts? I’ve avoided those for a while, to the point where I feel like I’ve lost the ability to perform well in that energy system.

Of course, the only option is to work in that range for a while.

And to make everyone suffer along with me.

Enter todays WOD:

15 Min AMRAP

30 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

30 Pull ups

The underlying idea of this workout was to have as many clean reps as possible. A 15 min couplet lets you grind out a whole bunch of reps, and I expected them to be a shining example of perfection. Rather then let athletes scale the difficulty of the movement to be able to complete every rep quickly, the reps were taken down to allow everyone to work on skills that they needed to work on.

Have weak pull ups? Grind them out out strict and unassisted.

SDHP need some work? Find a fun weight and do it until it’s perfect.

I was very pleasantly surprised with everyone’s performance. Everyone who needed to scale down did so. Missed reps weren’t counted. Everyone grinded out clean reps, and everyone did them all up to the standards I expect.

Nicely done.

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