26 Apr

Don’t Forget, next Tuesday we’ll have some very accomplished rowers showing up to perfect our technique and possibly select some athletes to take part in a rowing seminar. Come prepared.

Oh Tuesday, thankfully never as bad as Monday.

We started off our day with overhead squat practice.

The main goal was to correct knee bias. Even if a squat looks technically correct, a slight knee bias can cause the knees to drift forward. This means that even deceptively low weight will keep an athlete from achieving proper depth and not know why.

The most fun way to correct the issue? Practice and wall squats with PVC.

We then moved on to Strict press, working on overhead positions and fixing bar paths before moving on to the WOD.

10 min AMRAP
5 Power Cleans
6 Front Squats
7 Pull ups

2 Min rest.

The structure of this workout was a 10 minute AMRAP, with a 2 minute rest, followed by another round of the 10 minute AMRAP. Doing a 20 minute AMRAP is much more common in Crossfit, however athletes tend to stall as 20 minutes straight is a long time to maintain a high power output. Breaking it up into two separate 10 minute rounds means that every steps up their game. 20 minutes? Plenty of time to rest. 10 minutes? Not so much. Sprints all the way. The 2 minutes of rest gives you plenty of time to recovery and hit the second round with enthusiasm.

Movement choice: The power clean was done to sectional standards, and the front squat was started from the 5th power clean. Dropping the weight mid front squat meant lots more work for everyone. On top of that, pulling with the arms too early in the clean meant that athletes didn’t have any pulling power for the pull ups.

The key is to use the right muscles to do the work, core to extremity violations (pulling too early with the arms.) will leave you battered way before you should be.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Counting Fail.” To Simon. Some people count reps a little too quickly. Simon sometimes adds on extra power cleans to his front squats for fun.

“The Supplier” To Phil, who donated a brand spanking new stereo to the gym. Which is loud. Very. Very Loud. And has killer bass. Me thinks the neighbors might start stopping by more often.

“Most fashionable.” To Steph. For best color coded outfit.

“Best Sweat Angel” To Joe. For the best sweat angel mark left on our floor. Very tapered.

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