Women’s classes

30 Apr

If you’re new and the thought of walking into a regular Crossfit London class makes you weepy… or you’re fine with classes and have been to few, but still don’t know a push jerk from a Sumo wrestler… or you’ve been to more and still can’t snatch to save a puppy’s life…. and you’re a girl…this class is for you.

Any new (or new-ish) female graduates of the Crossfit London Beginners course now have an extra class option: Their own time and space (away from those pigtail-pulling boys*) in which to hone their skills, uncover 1 rep max’s and generally “man-up” – but in an all-woman environment.

We aim for an especially friendly, supportive vibe that makes for accelerated learning and faster progress. But make no mistake, this class is no soft option; there’ll always be a gut-busting WOD to make you feel so, so special tomorrow.

Classes are smaller, and you’ll be thoroughly drilled in all the moves by an attentive trainer (that’s me, Kate) alongside other developing coaches. That’s a lot of love-bombing for your clean-and-jerk!

Admittedly, Crossfit can be a daunting prospect: So many skills to master, so much practice and polish needed. You’ll get both here. Before you know it, you won’t just be shining, you could be a Crossfit star!

Classes will be every Monday evening
from 7-8pm (in the Back Room)
starting Monday 9 May 2011

Book now!

* Not true! All our Crossfit London boys are big, (strong!) softies!

4 thoughts on “Women’s classes

  1. Oh Kate, I’m sure now all the boys are jealous they can’t train in your classes! πŸ˜‰

    Good to see there are classes for the new and shy…

  2. Thanks, Brie – I bet they are πŸ˜‰
    The classes aren’t just for shy gals: let’s face it – everyone who takes up Crossfit must have been born with steely innards, uncommon in the herd! I’m so proud of all of us ladies who do it. This is just extra time for girls to get skilled up.

  3. Great idea Kate! I know I’m a bit rusty after a bit of a break so sounds perfect..see you there πŸ™‚

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