CFE: 28-May-2011 2x800m

29 May

The last few weeks have seen a gradual increasing the intensity of the CFE class with participants finding their sweet spot over 200m, 400m and 800m intervals.

Some “Supple Leopard“ KStar ( lacrosse ball mobility drills prepped the class for action.  Participants then skipped, hopped, and push each other (literally) through some POSE style running drills.  Todays drill included ball of foot perception, falling like a tree, and skipping to improve cadence.

The enthusiasm for the 2x800m intervals @ 80-90% max effort was well contained by the eager class…  Very focused bunch!  An impressive performance had a number of participants gasping for oxygen and completing the distance inside their personal estimates.

A sneaky addition to the end of the class included push-ups, partnered GHD and a 50m-shuttle run.


Endurance athletes often neglect the posterior chain, specifically the glutes and hamstrings, as these are muscles they can’t see in the mirror.  Many weekend warriors spend a significant amount of their week sitting at a desk, on public transport, in a car, or on a couch.  Sitting weakens and shortens these muscles and doesn’t help performance.

The glutes and hamstring are the most important muscle group for runner’s and strengthening them should be a key aspect of any training programme.  Increasing the strength of these large powerful muscles has the potential to increase an athlete’s speed.  SO MAKE THE GHD A REGULAR PART OF YOUR TRAINING!

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