Hi Honey I’m Home!

14 May

Oi you lot I’m back and its a great feeling. Really loving the new gym it feels spacious and shiny and new.

We started off with the strength component of front squats today.  2×5 and 1x max reps.  Really concentrating on driving up with those elbows and fighting the urge to go shallow when we were tired.

Then on to the WOD.  A 15 minute AMRAP of 3 muscle ups, 5 muscle snatches from the hang position and 7 kettle bell swings.

We had lots of practice at scaled muscle ups and its various progressions good work by everyone. I am very proud.

6 thoughts on “Hi Honey I’m Home!

  1. Samir, Crossfit London loves you back….Kate that picture is just brilliant and both swearing and smiling is positively encouraged….April it’s nice to feel wanted 🙂

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