How to cook better steak [MEAT]

02 May

I think it has been established previously that I am rather partial to meat. And like most other carnivores, steak sits somewhere near the top of my most wanted list.

Thing is, I’ve never really been very good at cooking it. Almost irrespective of the quality of the meat, whether it turns out well or not seems to be a hit-or-miss affair.

Then yesterday, whilst pruning some old bookmarks I stumbled across this article from The Food Lab on ‘More Tips for Perfect Steaks’. What separates Food Lab articles from the normal cook-book affair is the semi-scientific testing that goes into the tips:

“To test this, I bought myself a a half dozen thick-cut bone-in ribeyes…and salted them at 10 minute intervals before searing them in a hot skillet. So the last steak went into a pan immediately after salting, while the first steak went in a full 50 minutes after salting. All of the steaks were allowed to rest at room temperature for the full 50 minutes, ensuring that they were all at the same starting temperature before cooking began.”

There is quite a lot in here – especially when you end up running down all the extra links to previous articles – but the key tips that I took away were related to salting, flipping frequency and post-cooking rest.

Needless to say, the steaks that I cooked last night were the best that I have ever achieved; an opinion enthusiastically endorsed by my wife.

All bodes well for next weekend’s BBQ…

The Food Lab: More Tips For Perfect Steaks

2 thoughts on “How to cook better steak [MEAT]

  1. Definitely looking forward to testing your theories on Sunday! I am ashamed to say as a man that I often struggle perfecting a steak…it’s usually too well done on the outside but still raw in the middle…

  2. That’s a perfect steak! Get them to room tempreture before you put them in then use the force to ascertain when correctly cooked. Nice picture BTW I love a bit of meat porn..

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