Sally Sub

26 May

Thursday 26th May 2011

It was my honour and pleasure to sub for the lovely Sally I think she is off another holiday! Maybe.

We warmed up with a pyramid of strict pull ups and air squats 2-4-6-8-6-4-2.  Really being strict about our form and not rushing the movements.


To day it was front squats 2×5 and 1x max.  Saw some PR’s today which is always great. It was mentioned that front squats are not liked because of that tipping forward feel.  When front squatting heavy this can often be the case.  Making sure we have our weight in our heels and really pushing our bums back and down will help and of course keep those elbows lifted!


A 15 minute AMRAP of 8 pull ups and a 20 second L sit or hanging basket hold.  The choice was either off the bar or in the rings.  This WOD soon frys your shoulders if you hang off the bar.  A nasty little number which soon exposes just how strong your static holds are.


If you wanted to go home all you had to do was complete 50 box jumps.

Well done all hope to see you Saturday.

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