Sunday 15 May Gymnastics: An explanation

16 May

A quick note to update everyone who turned up for yesterday’s cancelled gymnastics sessions.

Unfortunately Amelia couldn’t make it in yesterday as she was (and still is) very ill. He fiancé did leave me a voicemail to let me inform me of this. However, I misheard his pet name for her (Mia) as Nia. Knowing that there was a Nia booked in to the morning classes, I chalked this up to conscientious client behaviour, wished them well, and thought nothing more about it*.

This explains why it appeared that we were caught on the hop yesterday afternoon with no coach and no idea idea where she was.

It was only when Amelia emailed in this afternoon that the penny dropped (for me). It also brought us some relief, as we were getting increasingly worried for her!

I am very sorry for the inconvenience that this might have caused, and will endeavour to get my ears cleaned later on this week…


*Funnily enough I caught up with Phil later on the afternoon, and during a discussion of the morning’s classes he mentioned that Nia was indeed in attendance.

“Impossible!”, I stated, “She’s supposed to be in hospital!”

Phil obviously thought I was mad, so I decided not to pursue the matter any further, rationalising that there must have been a second Nia (who was very ill) that I was previously unaware of. Oh well.

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