The CrossFit London 100 Days of Burpees Daily Tracker [Day 100]

08 May

Day 100: It’s done. Over. Finished!

There was an amazing atmosphere in the gym this afternoon as the last remaining 100 day’ers* ceremonially completed their final 100 burpees. We were joined by the incredibly sporting, Lauri, Simon, Colm, Cian and Phil for an all-out thrash against the clock.

(from left) Joe, Daniel, Naim, Steven, Lauri, Simon & Colm
(from left) Alex, Amelia, Cindy & Phil

I’m not quite sure how to sum up 100 days. We started this on Saturday January (!) 29th which seems like an age ago. It’s definitely been challenging physically, both in the performance of the movement and the consequences of over-use. More than that, it has been a true challenge mentally; over-coming boredom, dread and the general unpleasantness of doing the same thing again and again.

And it’s for this, more than anything, that I am incredibly proud of Alex, Amelia, Cindy, Joe, Daniel, Naim and Yuri for sticking it through to the bitter end. Watching these guys ‘guts’ it through the final 100 with the crowd cheering them on was nothing short of inspiring. And it sure made that first burger taste all the sweeter!

Thank you also to everyone else who started the challenge and continued cheering folks on over the course of the 100 days.

So, what’s next? What can fill the void that the burpees will leave? I’m thinking of getting back to working on my strict pull-ups (one can never have enough of those), perhaps some handstand push-ups for good measure. Certainly I value (perhaps in hind-sight) the discipline of working on something so intently over an extended period of time. Fairly sure I will revisit the humble burpee at one point, too.

Oh yes, there’s still the matter of that elusive sub-5min 100…!

*Sadly (for us) Yuri couldn’t make it to the celebrations today. Neither could Colin, upon whose instruction we started all this…words will be had… 😉

Day 99: Oooooooh yeeeaaaah! It’s nearly over! 25, 25, 25, 24 in the gym this morning. Looking forward to being done with this tomorrow. Not feeling particularly confident about a sub-5 min time – very unlikely in fact – but they will get done! Not sure what I’ll do with my evenings from tomorrow night…!

Day 98: Used this morning’s WOD to collect all 98 (+2) burpees for the day in a wholly self-serving, and single-minded manner. Guilty for inflicting this on others? No chance. That said, I will state categorically that I will not programme any burpees (WOD or skills/warm-up) for a month following the challenge. Fact.

Day 97: Sharkfarts…explain to me how I can be 97 days into this challenge, having completed my burpees every single day without fail, and yet I still nearly managed to forget to do them today (it now being 21:50)?!


21:51 – I shall now ‘liveblog’ my progress. I’ve already done 10 by this stage…

21:53 – 20 more down. Left shoulder aches. Lower back is very stiff from deadlifts and 150 32kg kettlebell swings yesterday. For some reason I have a stitch now. Haven’t had one of those since I was a child…

21:55 – 20 more. Puppy barking from the behind the bedroom door, clearly agitated that she isn’t part of the burpee fun. By comparison, I’m just plain old agitated.

21:58 – 20 more. Had to remove my ‘ninjas on unicycles‘ t-shirt after the first 10. Despairing at the hand shaped flat-spots on the landing carpet. I would say that a good 4,000+ burpees have left their toll…

22:01 – Another 20. Mulling over the idiocy that saw me programme 100 burpees as part of tomorrow morning’s WOD. Hope Harriet isn’t reading this…she don’t like no burpees. 7 to go…

22:03 – Last 7 done. Now I’m a sweaty mess. Shower then bed. Gotta be up at 04:30…

Day 96: Figured I could legitimately count the Texas Push-Up Test (1:08) as 10 burpees, given that’s what they kind of were. Really sucky burpees…

That left me a ‘mere’ 86 to do this evening. Deep Joy. 20, 20, 20, 13, 13.

Day 95: 10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,15. Trying to keep myself fresh for the Texas Push-up Test, tomorrow morning…

Received this epic picture from 100 day-er, Amelia today:

Amelia doing burpees on Ben Nevis!
Amelia doing burpees on Ben Nevis!

Go girl! Only 5 days to go!!!!!

Day 94: Same as yesterday…burpees and double-unders. 10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,14

Day 93: One week to go! This time next week it will all be over…thank goodness!

Today, given the weather was so good, I took the burpees outside to the garden. Not feeling in the mood for extended sets I decided the break them into easy 10s again. But I needed something to do during the rest periods between sets…double-unders! Well, at least the very broken double-unders that I am capable of. Why not work on the most glaring of my skills gaps?!

So I did sets of 10 burpees followed by 10 double-unders, until the final set of 13 of each. My double-unders improved considerably over the extended session, too. Can’t quite string loads together, but can sustain a single-double-single rhythm fairly consistently now which is an enormous improvement for me.

Day 92: It is the evening (as I write this) and I am very happy ‘cos I did my burpees this morning in the gym. No late night burpees for me today. Marvellous. 30, 20, 20, 22.

Day 91: 30, 30, 31. Trying not to think about another week of 90+ burpees per day. Nearly there folks!

Day 90: Wow! Less than 10 days to go! Took the first five sets of 10 quite gently, and then went for two slightly faster sets of 20 to check  my pace. Not long now…

Day 89: Decided to push the breathing a little this evening. First set of 50 completely unbroken, no pauses and no problems at all. Second set of 39 had me breathing a little harder, but that just dictated a faster pace for the burpees. Pace is not super-fast, but is likely to be in the 3-4 seconds range. As long as I concentrate on the breathing (and trust in a single deep breath) everything seems to be going well.

Day 88: Very interesting indeed. Really focused on breathing tonight as an experiment. Went at a reasonably relaxed pace for the  burpees (perhaps 3 sec/burpee) but concentrated on a single deep breath per single (as per day 84). Worked amazingly well as a timing mechanism and a distraction. First three sets of 20 were very easy, so I went for a final set of 28 just to see if it would still work. A little more of a struggle but not bad at all. Promising…

Day 87: 10, 10, 10, 17, 10, 10, 10, 10. Shoulder feeling a bit better this evening after Andrew got his thumbs stuck into it.

Day 86: 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10 & 6. Worked on breathing, landing flat footed out of the push-up, and trying to take it easy on my shoulder.

Day 85: Really sore neck and shoulder at the moment, the latter probably caused by burpee fatigue. I need to look after it for a couple of days and see if it heals up. Took today’s burpees quite gently with 15, 10, 15, 10, 10, 10, 8, and 7. Focused on breathing and keeping tight shoulders in the push-up.

Day 84: It took a Bank Holiday for me to finally spread my burpees out over the course of the day, or in this case: over the course of 30mins. Sets of 10 with a final 14 made things almost trivially relaxed.

I’ve started to think about my breathing during the movement, spurred on by conversation with Yuri and Jo yesterday. Part of the challenge of high reps of this movement is trying to keep a smooth, measured breathing rhythm to ones breathing. It gets all the harder at the top (and bottom) of the push-up, as keeping a rigid form requires holding your breath. So I now inhale as I move into the plank position, hold my breath through the push-up and exhale during the jump. I try and make sure that I take a single. deep breath as I drop down, rather than get into a shallow/rapid breathing pattern.

Happy, this also gives me something else to think about rather than a) this is boring, and b) this hurts. A good dissociative tactic like this could be just what I was looking for!

Day 83: I found myself in the gym this evening whiling away the hours between finishing work and meeting friends for dinner. Thought I would take the time to work some squats and presses. Ended up getting roped in to Sally’s warm-up for the 1730 class: 15-12-9 burpees and pull-ups (3:40). And thus I was able to count these 36 burpees towards this evening’s total. However I hadn’t factored in the massive Indian meal that I consumed as a post-workout meal (ahem…) Thus the 15, 15 and 17 felt awful. But they got done.

Was also fortunate to swap war stories with burpee veterans Jo and Yuri. Aside from the swollen triceps and pecs, it is the thousand yard stare of the man or woman with 84 burpees to do tomorrow, that sets us apart!

Day 82: 60 burpees courtesy of the CrossFit Games Open WOD this morning, followed by a luxurious 22 this evening. Joy!

Day 81: 30, 30, 21. Saving myself for the Open WOD tomorrow? After all, it’s only 60 burpees!

Day 80: 80 f#$&ing burpees? Only 20 more days to go, I suppose. Cracked out two sub-1:40 40s to knock this one on the head. Question for those of you still burpeeing: is the burning heat in my chest as I clear 40 consecutive burpees the same as the apocryphal “fire in the belly'”? ‘Cos that’s what it feels like.

Day 79: 25, 25, 20, 9. And a gym move.

Day 78: It’s the weekend, and I have still left all my burpees to the end of the day? What is my problem?! 20, 20, 20, 18.

Day 77: I might take to smuggling more burpees into the morning warm-ups for the next, erm, month (!) to try and reduce to load at the end of the day! 25 as part of a burpee/kettlebell swing warm-up this morning. Happily I had forgotten about them until I stared this evening’s session, so it was a very pleasant surprise to know that I had ‘only’ 52 to do this evening. 10,10,10,10, and 12. All done.

Day 76: When will I learn not to leave these things until the end of the day? So tired after a long week (and anticipating tomorrow’s body weight WOD) I ran with 16 as a slow warm-up, followed by six sets of 10 with plenty of rest in between. Practically zero effort expended.

Day 75: 25,25,25. Managed to get a ‘stitch’ 10 burpees into my final 25. Blasted burpees have long stopped being fun…

Day 74: 14, 20, 20 & 20. Really need to dial my food quality in for the next month now. Recovery is going to be the aim of the game as the burpees head into the silly numbers.

Day 73: 30 burpee (3 sets of 10) during this morning’s sucky WOD. A pretty relaxed and easy, 24 and 20 to finish the evening with.

Day 72: Slow and steady 73 (for some reason) unbroken-ish. Worked the press-up portion primarily, making sure that I stayed in a plank/hollow body position throughout, kept knees off the floor and went chest-to-deck each time.

Day 71: Took heed of Colin’s advice from earlier and went for a sustained speed run today. Took the first 11 as a warm-up (probably not enough in retrospect) and then set the clock running. First set of 20 in 45 seconds which gave me 15 seconds resting time. Second set in 55 seconds, and the third set in 62 seconds (aargh). Total working time exactly the same as my day 60 score (oddly).

Definitely worth doing every couple of days from here on in. There is a mental toughness aspect to keeping up the pace, for me at least. The muscles were’t really fatigued in a meaningful way, so it was all down to my willingness to “go there”  and put up with the burning in my chest. That said, I would only have had two more sets of 20 to complete to get to the end, so perhaps it is possible. I guess I’m going to have reply on being ahead of the clock at the 50-60 burpee mark, and hope I can hold on to the end.

And the good news is: we now officially have fewer burpees to complete between now and May 8th, than we have completed to date. Categorically over half-way now! Whoooooooooooooooop!

Day 70: Left it too late in the day (again…) Absolutely knackered after a week of 0500 starts and 2300 finishes. So went with 10,20,20,20 with the final set acting as a venting mechanism – freeing myself of the frustrations of the week.

31 burpees into tomorrow’s WOD marks half-way in the volume of burpees.

Day 69: Another post-homemade burger effort. Wanted to have one last go at keeping some pace up before the attempt at 70 unbroken tomorrow. Went for a set of 35, followed by another of 34. Good pace, but getting a little concerned with a few sloppy reps in the middle – knees touching the ground during the press-up, tut tut.

I may try the 70 pre-dinner in the sunlight tomorrow. Best laid plans, etc…

Day 68: Post dinner, post three-days-on-the-trot-up-at-0500. Feeling fragile but went for three fast sets of 20 followed by a not-rested-enough final eight. Kept up a good pace throughout although did start to feel a little heavy-legged towards the end. Only a couple of days before a non-stop 70…

And for those of you still plugging away each day…never quit!


Day 67: 10,10,10,10,10,10,7 whilst watching the US remake of the hit Danish show, The Killing. Surprisingly good (both the burpees and the show).

Day 66: Celebrated my birthday with 66 unbroken burpees. Slow, cake fuelled burpees.

Day 65: Another relay with Sharona. 10,20,20,15. Fairly painless, even after a big meal.

Day 64: Surprisingly easy/straightforward 64 (actually 65 – miscounted again) this evening. Decided to do a tag team/relay with Sharona.I did 10 for each of her 5s which gave us both a reasonable rest period (30 seconds-ish). Very smooth and comfortable throughout, which makes a change from the struggles of the last week.

Very inspiring to watch Sharona crank out proper push-ups for each of her 50 burpees today. This from someone who didn’t have any full push-ups at the start of her challenge. Whoop!

Day 63: Started off suspiciously well when I inadvertently programmed 13 mountain climber burpees as part of this morning’s 0630 warm-up. This left me ‘only 50’ for the rest of the day. Sadly the rest of the day involved a thumping headache, so I took them in short, gentle sets of 10.

Day 62: Had bold plans of properly prepared, pre-dinner burpee sprints today. That was at around 20:00. By 20:30 I had consumed four delicious hand-made burgers and had to shelve the pre-dinner plan. Which meant another 22:00 burpee appointment. Time being of the essence, I went for two sets of 31. Not fast, but not particularly slow either.

Day 61: Decided on sprints of 10 with around 20 seconds of rest between. Took the first two sets slowly as a warm-up and then hit the rest hard. Aimed for sub-30secs for each set of 10. Definitely felt the effect of the 50-odd squat snatches from the WOD this morning in my legs and yet the ring dips didn’t seem to effect me as much as I was expecting. Go figure!

Ho hum. 62 tomorrow.

Day 60: 60 unbroken burpees for time. Finished in 2:42 which is a lot slower than I wanted. Makes me wonder if I miscounted my Day 50 score…Probably didn’t help that I left this until after dinner (steak…mmmm), just felt a little sluggish and ‘gassed’ earlier than I would have liked. First 20 were ok. Feeling the strain on 30, unusually. Had a couple of seconds rest at 40 and plowed on until the end. Interestingly wasn’t feeling fatigued muscularly, which bodes well for the future.

Think I’ll do an unbroken set every 10 days to see how things are improving. Between now and 70 I think I’ll work on sprints of 20-30 with short rests.

First little bit of doubt about a sub-5min 100 crept in, though…

Day 59: 30 in the morning and 29 this evening. Think I’ll go for 60 unbroken tomorrow and see how I fare.

Brie – really sorry you can’t go on. Your health and well-being is more important, however. You have made a wise choice. Outstanding work on getting so far into the challenge as well! Whoop!

Day 58: 30 and 28. Turned into a race to finish between Sharona and I. Wish it hadn’t…feel ill now 🙁

Day 57: 20,20,17. Intermittent puppy wrestling.

Day 56: So much for good intentions…Left these way too late in the day, after a big dinner. Just felt slow and bloated. Knocked them out with a 25, 10, 10, 6, and 6. Last two 6’s were with a diamond hand placement in the push-ups. Would like to experiment a little more with this. Definitely adds some spice to the push-ups, but possibly at the cost of extra strain on the wrists.

Well, there’s always tomorrow.

And the 43 days that follow…

Day 55: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 with 10 seconds rest in between sets of burpees. Just over 4 minutes elapsed on the clock by the time I had finished. A nice little blast. Made sure I warmed up so that I could hit the first set hard. Kept to a relatively relaxed 3 seconds/burpee pace throughout.

Interestingly my recovery is noticeably improving. I tend to mentally measure the time it takes for the hard/exertion breathing to slow down to a more regular pace as an indicator of my personal powers of cardiovascular recovery. I noticed during tonights burpees that 10 seconds is plenty of time for my breathing to recover now. Good times!

Might start playing with push-up variations tomorrow.

Day 54: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-5 for some reason. Mental arithmetic and burpees clearly don’t mix. Mixture of normal and puppy induced ‘close grip’ burpees. May experiment more with different push-ups variations as we go on. Planche push-up burpees, anyone?

Not sure anyone saw the video of the (mainly) bodyweight WOD posted on the mainsite yesterday morning. Have a look at the appalling burpee form on those (supposedly) top athletes. If you can bear it, stick around for the shoddy HSPUs as well…

Day 53: Was mulling over ways to keep some variety in my daily burpees, and move away from my typical “sets of 10-ish” approach. So tonight I did 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-1 with 20 seconds rest in between sets. Took almost exactly 5 mins to get through the 53. I suspect that 20 seconds is a little too long for the rest period (for me). May experiment with 10 sec rest for tomorrow’s action.

Day 52: 20 in the gym this morning, followed by 10 in the shower-room at work. Final 22 were were a hotch-potch of filmed efforts as I tried to get a better look at my lumbar curve and foot position in slow motion. Instead, I got a face full of puppy (again). At least this time I have footage to prove it:


From looking at my form I would say that my lumbar curve stays tight throughout the movement and I land “heels down” just before the jump as per the Stemler Standard. The main difference I can see from Andrew’s version is that I drop directly into a push-up (not a sprawl), rather than go hands and feet down first. Each to their own.

Day 51: I suppose it was a combination of having built up day 50 as a major milestone yesterday, coupled with running another great i-Course today, but I did not want to do my burpees today. Not. At. All. Think this is the first time in the whole challenge that the idea of skipping a day has entered my mind. I was (am still) tired and little achey.

So – to paraphrase Alex D in conversation with me this morning – if you feel like quitting, that is a good sign that you shouldn’t (Alex: that doesn’t actually make any sense…). So I gritted my teeth and sprinkled 4 sets of 10 and one set of 11 across the evening.

In the spirit of trying to drag others down, I reminded Sharona that she would be doing 80-odd burpees on her birthday in early May (she is a few days behind us). Then realised that I would be doing 90-odd that day. Felt worse.

Day 50: Woo hoo! Half way through the challenge (in terms of days). Celebrated with a properly warmed-up, unbroken 50. Clocked my time at 1:45 for the 50 (really should have videoed it to be sure!).

Form check: Strict push-ups, chest (sometimes cheek) to deck every rep with full jump to extension (hands overhead). No sprawling (which is a huge improvement for me), and my knees didn’t touch the ground for any of the reps. Jumped from flat feet (rather than toes) each time, but probably skipped through the “hands between feet on the ground”/step 1 of the movement, if I am to be critical.

Overall, very pleased with my performance. Think this is the first time that I have done 50 unbroken before, so was interested to see how it felt. Aside from the burning in my chest as I passed 30, “pretty good” is the answer. No injuries sustained (I took heed of my own warm-up advice with some squats and push-ups) and the shoulder feels good.

Little known fact: Although this is the halfway point in terms of days, the halfway point in terms of reps is 31 burpees into Day 71 (2,525 reps accumulated out of 5,050).

Day 49: 15×2 in the basement level, ‘gentleman’s shower room’ at work. 19 straight when I got home. Gearing up for a crack at 50 unbroken burpees tomorrow!

Noticed a few walking wounded, especially those dealing with shoulder pain. Unless I am already warmed up, I find that taking myfirst two “sets” slowly – essentially as push-ups with ‘some additional standing up’ – gets my shoulders loose enough to put more stress on. If I go diving in too fast, my right shoulder lights up and gets very sore.

Note to ‘future’ self: Don’t make this mistake tomorrow!

Day 48: Found myself in the gym this evening with Sally and the 1730, 1830 and 1930 classes. Managed to smuggle my 48 burpees in during the “interpretive dance” section of the WOD.

I notice that a few people have expressed confusion about the number of the days on the graphic in the sidebar. I generally try to update it the night before, but depending when I do so you are sometimes expose to tomorrow’s number early. Also I occasionally forget to update the number at all which means overexposure to yesterday’s number.

Confused? Welcome to my world!

Day 47: Managed to cut my pre-bed time burpees in half by stealthily dishing 20 out before the 0630 class this morning. Evening burpees were punctuated by a running game of “fetch”, instigated by the smaller of the two dogs. Despite being a mere 5 months old, she has quickly worked out that she gets all the attention in the world if she casually wanders into the “burpee zone” on the landing…Tonight’s remaining 27 were a staccato series of sprints, punctuated by the tossing of dog toys in every direction to buy myself a few precious seconds of space.

Just got back from reading Colin’s post on the challenge on his new blog. Definitely encourage you to pop over there and read what he has to say. Reading down through the comments, I am delighted to hear about some of the physical benefits that repeated exposure to one movement can bring. Sharona has just come bounding back into the room grinning from ear-to-ear about her first ever proper push-ups! I’m so chuffed for her!

Day 46: 20,10,10,6

Day 45: Three lots of 15, and good debate with Andrew about the burpees challenge (see comment below). Lots of learning for us for future challenges. Another 65 days to go…

Day 44: A surprisingly spritely 15, 15 and 14. Not sure I’ll be able to rely on getting these done before bedtime for much longer. May need to think about some further planning. Excellent post by CrossFit Londer, Brie on her blog here:

Day 43: In the gym in front of the 1130 class (who were busy with their ring dips)

Day 42: Are burpees the answer to life, the universe and everything? Did my 42 and feel no more enlightened…

Day 41: Three lots of 10 and one of 11.

Day 40: Four lots of 10.

Day 39: Fast 20 and a slightly less fast 19 to follow. Trying to go easy on my right shoulder; still not quite right after the Great Bench Press Injury of ’09. Sucks that it should still be slightly weaker after nearly 2 years…

Day 38: 10, 10, 10, 8. Posts getting shorter!

Day 37: Fast 20. Leisurely 17.

Day 36: Two lots of 18 done quickly, but to the standard. Feet flat on the ground for every jump.

Day 35: 35 sandbag burpees. The less said about these the better. Experience was definitely marred by the presence of Stemler, heckling in the background.

Day 34: 8,9,8,9 in-between checking email when I got home this evening.

Day 33: Three sets of 11 with a small rest between. Feeling a little worn out from 50 pistols/50 dumbbell squat clean thrusters in class this morning.

Day 32: Smacked out four fast sets of 8. Felt pretty good.

Day 31: Completed burpees during this mornings kettlebell swing/burpee WOD. 78 burpees completed during the WOD, to be precise.

Day 30: Celebrated 30 burpees by completing them “Stemler style”. Liberating.

Day 29: 29 Burpees whilst nominally watching Fringe.

Day 28: Smuggled 7 sets of 4 burpees into this morning’s shuttle-run warm-up in the 0630/0730 classes. Sucked far less than it had any right to.

Day 27: Standard issue 28 burpees (unbroken) on the landing before bed

Day 26: Plodded through 26 burpees. Funnily enough, they seem easier when done faster. Dogs finally getting used to the sight of me bouncing around on the floor. Fewer unprovoked attacks recently.

Day 25: Cracked out a sub-50 second 25 on video!


Day 24: Burpees done “Tabata style” during the 1930 class this evening.

Day 23: Urgh. Headaches and burpees don’t mix.

Day 22: Went for a ‘speed run’ today. 22 burpees in 42 seconds. Not sure I could keep it up for the other 78, though…

Day 21: 3×7 burpees snuck into this morning’s warm-up at the 0630 and 0730 classes. Would have been fine were it not for the jumping lunges that followed 🙁

Day 20: Officially 20% of the way through! Whoop!

Day 19: Fairly painless.

Day 18: Why did 18 burpees feel so hard today? Hello to North East Martial Arts who are hopping on the burpee bandwagon. Only 18 days behind us!

Day 17: Valentines day. Post-dinner burpees. Nothing romantic about them.

Day 16: Did 16 burpees in Greenwich Park. Mauled by pack of dogs. They were clearly upset that I still haven’t worked out how may burpees to do each day.

Burpees in Greenwich Park
Is there a prize for burpees whilst being attacked by a pack of dogs?

Day 15: Did 15 burpees in the gym with the 1130 class after clearly being misinformed as to the correct number by Colin. Nuts. How many extra friggin’ burpees do I have to accumulate? Edit: None. It seems it was I who was misinformed.

Day 14: Done. Just don’t remember when. Probably during the 0630 class.

Day 13: Post-Glee burpees. Full of fake song choir vigour!

Day 12: Did my day 12 burpees twice, this morning. Once with the 0630 class (where Alex D, Adam, Jennie and Harriet are all taking the challenge), and again with the 0730 class with fellow challengers Amelia and Nadia. The lure of prizes is great!

Day 11: Done! Glad to see the interest growing in the challenge with brave folks jumping in now before it’s too late! Well done Jennie and Sharona who both dashed out 55 burpees yesterday to buy-in. Also, international “hello” to James Roberts in Sweden who was drawn here by the allure of burpees!

Day 10: Finally a meaningful number! Was joined Alex D, Grant and Adam in a post-Diane 10 burpees this morning.

Day 9: Nine burpees in the front hall of home. Liberatingly clothed. Puppy thought it was highly amusing to strike me on the head with a stray paw each time I got to the bottom of the push-up position. This is why we don’t use puppies as a coaching cue…

Day 8: Eight burpees during the rest break of today’s CrossFit London Coaching Academy. Criticised by Andrew for not lifting arms high enough overhead. Hurumph.

Day 7: Smuggled seven burpees into the warm-up for this morning’s WOD. Actually did 20 in total. Do I get to bank all these extra reps?

Day 6: Had to pop into the gym to complete a couple of errands today, so thought I would mix things up. Six burpees? Still a little on the boring side…nothing much happening yet. How to spice it up…hmm…how about doing Fran first, THEN do the burpees? Conclusion: doing burpees after Fran sucks.

Day 5: Five burpees in the gym under the watchful eye of Andrew. Burpees completed to the Stemler Standard, but fully clothed.

Day 4: Took the burpee show on-the-road today. In Ellis Bingham in Covent Garden buying some running shoesFOR RUNNING. Asked the nice clerk if it would be ok if I did some burpees in his shop. Not knowing what burpees were, he agreed –  perhaps he thought the sale of the RUNNING shoes was contingent on it? I asked if he would take a photo, whilst I burpee’d. He took my phone, but must have just stood there aghast, as there were no photos at the end of four immaculate burpees. In the end his more capable colleague took over, but not before I had to redo my four burpees. In full biking gear. As opposed to practically naked…

Burpees in (Ellis) Binghams
Burpees in (Ellis) Bingham’s basement

Day 3: Three burpees in the lounge. Puppy jumped on my head during the third push-up. I will need to consult Andrew’s movement standard to see whether this still counts as a legitimate rep.

Day 2: Two burpees on the rug in the bedroom. Narrowly missed face-planting into hitherto unseen pool of puppy wee…

Day 1: Ceremonial first (50) burpees in the gym during the Saturday classes. I did the burpee sprints twice, in two separate classes. Total 100 burpees for the day. Am I finished now?

95 thoughts on “The CrossFit London 100 Days of Burpees Daily Tracker [Day 100]

  1. Loving the banner on the side of the site…and obviously the lolcat picture..full of win!

    3 burpees down, 5047 left to go!

  2. YES! It’s on! 50 yesterday, 2 today…

    With my two today, I even did Andrew authorised ‘perfect’ burpees. COME ON!

  3. puppies and burpees obviously don’t mix (oh but puppies make everything better!)

    despite being poorly did my 6 burpee buy-in today…and will do 4 pre-yoga class tomorrow 🙂

  4. has that cat got full hip extension in its jump? the fur is in the way.

  5. Day 4. Completed. In the nude. As always.
    In the words of Kate:
    “whats not to like”

    Steven, re puppy on the head. Depends on the weight of the puppy, and according to some sport science journals, the breed!

    Oh, be damned! Count it

  6. Loving the burpees diary. I say we should start a random burpee location competition. Person with photo of them doing tin the most random/amusing/jaw dropping place wins something! As my current life consists of going from my house, to the library to crossfit:
    I will try and get a shot of me with a disapproving librarian in the background ; )

  7. I am all for burpees in unusual places. Bonus points for capturing the looks of disbelieving onlookers in the background.

  8. This could be interesting, I have Cheltenham festival (burpees in tweed?) and my brother’s wedding (bridesmaid burpees?) coming up. Wonder if I could sneak a random burpee into the background of a wedding photo …

  9. extra ordinary experience. believe it or not,
    5 Burpees, In the gym. Clothed.
    Who would have ever guessed? No really! 3 witnesses

    and I started my campaign to get Burpees renamed as “love jumps” ( Thanks to Mikey for the idea)

  10. Day 5: In the hotel gym. I do my burpees. Man shadow boxing decides he wants to be as cool and starts doing burpees as well. He does these very fast but with no press up, his legs bent going into the plank and a pathetic jump. He looks hard so I decide not to say anything.

  11. This report just come in from Bath park-and-ride carpark:

    Andrew did his burpees, while a lady in a nearby car looked on horrified, her hand slowly moving toward the door lock.

  12. unexpected side effect of burpee challenge: my room is very clean! Must keep floor clear for burpees, very interesting 🙂

  13. yesterday, 8 while wearing Kates training bottoms: and I felt fabulous.

    Today, 9, boring, in my hallway: semi clothed, no trans gender issues to report. But jeans were tight ,and chaffed a bit. Its all go at ours you know!

  14. day 44, as set, plus 5 burpees to begin my catch up.

    personally, i thought this was a stupid challenge and had the opportunity to say so to some crossfitters this afternoon. In even wrote to steven saying we should can this at 50 ( in line with the filthy 50)

    But I listened to myself and thought, what the F**k. I skipped the last 5 days or so, so im adding 5 burpees to each day for the rest of the challenge.

    5 x 10 in kates hall

    This is an opportunity to practise the elements that a good burpee develops (that should have been explained to you by now), and if its not a Crossfit protocol, well its something to stick by: a mental challenge. some have already boosted their push ups and burpee performance through the roof

  15. I think its a great challenge – while Andrew might worry that all of us will be lazy or sloppy and injure ourselves, that doesn’t make it different from any other challenge: we will get what we put into it. Its a given me some good results, and after my recent mental wobble, I only look forward to the coming days. Its also mostly a mental challenge: being bored isn’t a good reason to quit.

    day 46 today actually! I did it in my back garden, 5 minutes of double under practice, 9 minutes of burpees (5 burpees per minute, nice n’ easy), 4 minutes double under practice (meant to jog into work but left it too late)

  16. 47, plus 13.. something about the figure 60 that i thought pleasing
    10,10, 10,10, 10, 10. did this about 2 hours after my morning wod and on the 1st set my legs were very wobbly, poor me.

    and another thing, who else, apart from me Brie and Steven is doing this ? post your results on this blog!!

  17. a leisurely ‘rest’ day of burpees: 5,5,5,7,10,10,5 between 8am and 3:30pm

    I feel I now have burpee stockholm syndrome. I want to do more even though i’ve finished for the day… mostly cause they are now ‘what I do’ when bored at my desk.

    Last I checked Burpee faithfuls included myself, Simon, Kirsty, Colin, Rosie, Ruari and hopefully still Cindy?

  18. Yep i’m still in…my flatmate is a big massive quitter though! (Bless her for getting as far as she did!)

    1. Yes we can! May 8th is – quite conveniently – a Sunday. Grilled meat (or suitable, non-animal protein) for all!

  19. Yes, I’m still in too. I try to get at least half done before leaving for work and then the rest in the evening. It has been way to busy at work over last two weeks to do furtive burpees in the stair well. There’s no way I’m doing them in front of colleagues. They already think I’m a bit weird! I’ve no idea why!

    Today did 8, 8, 9 and 7 before work and still have 15 to do. I just had to cook and eat when I got back from crossfit tonight. And Andrew – I always feel wobbly on the first set then my body seems to wake up to what it has to do.

    Got caught out by Colin on Monday who put 45 burpees into the wod and I had already done more than half that day! That will teach me not to check who was coaching that night. I had thought it was Sally! Although she sometimes puts them in too!

    I would appreciate a few hints when the numbers get bigger as to whether there will be lots in the wod or not! But I guess that is not part of crossfit philosophy.

  20. And Yippee re the 100th day party! Can whoever made that wonderful advocado salad thing for the summer bbq do that again?

  21. I’m still in – barely! Really feeling it in my wrists (and even fingers – anyone else get this or am I even weirder than I thought?!) but I’ll be damned if I don’t limp through to the end. If only because if I give up I won’t be able to look Colin in the eye…

    BBQ sounds great! Hopefully someone will volunteer to lift my burger to my mouth…

  22. day 48, did 60 in 20, 20, 11, 9.
    Naim, if you use dumbbells it protects your wrists ( and makes the push up deeper, but dont land on them), but, I’ll shove a burger in yer gob, me old mucker ( thats authentic ill educated gibberish that is )

    and cindy We all loved that avocado salad! whoever made it, make some more! (was it sam?)

    Strangely, the more burpees there are, the more fun it becomes!

  23. As per steven’s request just checking in that I am still very much in this challenge.

  24. Lots of things to be excited about for the party! My baby brother (read: gigantic brother) will be here – and if we do a 100 burpee for time WOD pre bbq at the new gym, then I can use the new lovely ladies loo with a hair dryer!!

    And I make a mean 7 layer dip (paleos beware).


  25. Do we have to do 100 burpees for ‘time’ on the last day in the gym? I was intending on doing them at my usual speed with little rests in between each set! If everyone is doing them for time I may do 50 at home first and the last 50 in the gym.
    I’ve had a little bit of right wrist pain but not too bad but does anyone else have sore shoulders when sleeping, or rather when not sleeping terribly well and turning from side to side? Probably more to do with pull ups than burpees though!

  26. Cindy: Days 25, 50, 75 and 100 are supposed to be done all in one set for time. The 50/50 split sounds like it could work well for you. See how you get on with the set of 50 on Day 50…you never know you might surprise yourself!

  27. Hey Cindy – I’ve got shoulder pain as well – thought it was joint, but apparently its a wee little muscle thats all hot and bothered. I’ve been taped up (I feel so hardcore) and thats helped a lot, but i’ve been told no burpees today. I’ll make them up over the next few days, here’s hoping for fast healing!

  28. 49. did this at 7pm which is way late for me…
    did my normal 60, i was expecting a blast through but it turned out to be
    20, 10,10, 10, 6, 2, 2. oh well

    adding 30kg thruster with dumbbells to this. this is day 1 (will take through to 51)

  29. Hi guys, a “rule update”.

    The new rule is that from now, if you need to skip a day to rest or recover or rest an injury, you may re-continue the challenge without making “lost” days up.

    This is also permission for you to think about taking a rest day every 3 to 7 days for the rest of the challenge.

    The idea of this to keep you injury free so you get the benefit of the challenge!

  30. I’m still in the challenge. Did 50 for time this afternoon, out in the sunshine.

  31. I might be crazy, but these actually seem to be getting easier. I will probably take that back tomorrow.

  32. but, this is now a good challenge to see through to the end

    Build in rest days, and book a free massage with me and kate if your shoulder starts to nag. I’ve just made Brie drop off for 5 days while her shoulder recovers.

    The biggest risk factor for a shoulder tweak is general poor, or slumped forward at your desk, posture. We will post some remedial stretches for your pecs ( amjor/minor etc etc) over the next few days.

    well done everyone!

  33. Hope your shoulder is healing Brie. Mine seems to be that muscle at the bottom of the neck just as the top of the shoulder starts. The same place that aches after a week of slumping over a desk! Well, not so much slumping as sitting all day tensed up trying to meet deadlines. The occasional walk around or toilet push up (aka handstand) doesn’t really do much to relieve it so look forward to your remedial stretches Andrew. Dislocates seem to help a bit.

    Day 50: 8, 8, 9, 8,8,9 done in same 15 min slot but with probably 1.5 to 2 mins rest between sets as I find them so exhausting!

    Day 51: 8, 8, 5, 5,5
    Then later in day 13, 3, 4

    But it is getting much harder and I am wondering how I’m going to fit in especially when it is a busy work day and also have regular crossfit classes!

  34. Gosh! Day 52 Done! Felt even harder today!

    I only need to do 8 and I am puffing like I have just done a sprint! Does anyone else get that out of breath or is it just me?

  35. to be an example for other 40 plus’s, took sunday off as a rest day. today did the set 51, 15, 10, 10, 10, 6.

    Interesting the second set of 10 were “steve style” ie cutting out the essential, “heels down” “lumber curve” in squat before and after the jump.

    Have to say, thats easy and not good form. Only count perfect movement. This is the standard that was agreed in the coaching academy. I think our clients get enough “slumping in your chair posture practise”: at work. Burpees are where you practice perfect form.

    If you cannot maintain perfect form cut your numbers down until you can. 3 thrusters

  36. That video is awesome Steven…the music just makes it…sounds like a massive Jewish shindig!

  37. im still in but only because my parents told me giving up makes me a failure…but im off to do some buprees on the equator in 2 weeks 🙂

  38. Im still in this but i keep missing days here and there and the catch ups are no fun at all. I’ve given up the perfect burpees apart from to warm up to try and get the 100 in a minute challenge as I think it is impossible! Please don’t judge me 🙂

  39. dispatch from ethiopia: shoulder improving, altitude doesn’t appear to be a problem, only 2 more days till i’m allowed back in on the action. Can’t really say I’m looking forward to it, but I am strangely missing those bastards….

  40. The idea of doing a double day like Andrew did after a day off is too awful and I just can’t bring myself to take a day off! It doesn’t feel right!

    But I reckon I’m doing them so slowly anyway it hopefully won’t matter too much. This morning did them mostly in sets of 8 again with 1.5 mins to 1.45 mins rest in between each set. Will work on bringing the rest periods down. Am also planning on doing up to the 60 in the morning on work days so that more than 50% are down first thing. On days off I can spread them around a bit more.

    Also doing dislocates with plastic pole to warm shoulders up before I start plus pull ups on my new door frame pull up bar. Managed 8 strict this morning.
    Then that box shoulder exercise on low shelf to finish.

  41. Hey guys – I think I’m out. The downside of taking a week break to let your shoulder heal is that you lose some vital mental focus and determination. When you combine that with an overnight flight to Ethiopia (complete with air raging passengers), manic work schedule, sudden new wrist pain and generic african tummy troubles… its hard to continue. Did a pathetic 10 on day 55… then didn’t make time for them during the rest of the day.

    I may decide to rejoin later on, or do one day on, one day off – but it just doesn’t feel the same.

    Sorry Rosie and Cindy – you’ll have to keep holding it up for the girls!

    However, all is not lost, very proud to have reached day 48 uninterrupted!

  42. Must admit i’m struggling to motivate myself today. Burpee boredom has set in.
    : ( But I shall not quit!

    1. @Amelia: Stick in there! I find it deeply motivating to know that I am not the only one burpee’ing into the night, even if it sometimes feels like it!

  43. No you are not the only one! Sorry to hear you’re out Brie but it sounds like you have it really tough at the moment. Hope it goes well for you in Africa.

    I usually find the first 5 are dreadful and I can hardly move my body up in the press up part. Then I have a little break and the second 5 seem to go a bit better, like my body has warmed up a bit and it seems to hurt less from then on.

    Did 27 before work. Never get time during the day. Did final 35 after supermarket this evening.

    It’s still rather shocking to realise we are not yet half way through in terms of numbers done!

  44. So im not doing burpees before bed….just about to climb into bed and then i think…aggg i forgot my burpees….im still in there just about 🙂

  45. I am still in after surviving a bout of frustration and disillusionment a couple of weeks ago. The twin lures of completing something tough, and the BBQ on day 100 were enough to reinvigorate my spirits.
    Managed to do 1 burpee on Wednesday which meant 122 yesterday. Fun times.
    Have switched to doing mostly 6 point aka ‘Andrew’ burpees, which are getting easier the more I do.
    Apart from wanting to complete the challenge, my focus is
    – improve mobility especially squat
    – develop pushup strength both normal & handstand
    – keep hands fairly close together to avoid shoulder injuries
    – improve muscle ups (transition from squat to plank, the push up and transition back to squat)
    – place hands as low as possible in pushup with aim of developing a planche hold
    all of this stuff is motivating me to keep going
    Good luck to all, keep it up!

  46. So how many are still in?

    Kirsty – I hope you are still going to carry on! Keep it up for the girls! I know it can get boring but break it up into small sets while listening to music or the morning news.

    I did mine in sets of 5 with a final 7 this morning interspersed with lots of small morning chores (as an excuse to get my breath back really!) They seemed to go by fairly quickly. And for some reason I’ve found 5 is a good number for me. With 5 I can do them fairly quickly and I also don’t loose count. If I try to do more than 5 at a time I get so tired I loose count of where I am and also feel more depressed about doing the next set. So I’ve decided 5 is my magic number at the moment. I may try to put that up to 6 next week and if I loose count I’ll know it is too much!

  47. I’m still in! Although I am not sure I am fully doing the Andrew 6 point burpee. I am doing a proper plank to press, ending with a proper jump and clap – it’s the squat transition phase that I am probably fudging. But the aim of my game is to improve press ups and and mental/physical ability to keep moving when I really don’t want to.
    Cindy, I too have to break them up for maths/good form reasons! I started with sets of 5 and have progressed to sets of 15. I am trying to add a few each week to to my ‘minimum number before I can stop for any reason’ limit. I’d like to be able to do 5 sets of 20 with only a few seconds rest in between for the big 100 day.
    Keep at it burpee-Massive!

  48. I’ don’t know about the heat in your chest Steve!
    But I simply can’t do that many without a little rest between sets so I don’t get the heat in my chest. It is my arms that run out of steam and need the rest between my sets of 5. But then I am puffing like I have just sprinted but not doing enough together for the heat.
    But at least I am doing full press ups throughout. My time is likely to be nearer 20 mins for 100 than 5 though and that is doing them as fast as I can bear!
    I also can’t wait for them to be over now.

    But on the other hand I have got my body into a good habit of doing something every morning before going to work. I am now thinking I shouldn’t just give that habit up because it has done me some good. I am thinking I might replace it with some other things I’d like to improve – perhaps pull ups or something, and maybe alternate days of burpees. I might even be becoming a little fond of them!

    1. Hi Cindy – great to hear that you are still going! I must admit my mind is also turning to ‘life after burpees’. The benefits of maintaining the discipline of working on a skill everyday has been a big learning point for me. I will probably get back to daily pull-ups or pehaps even handstand push-ups.

      Fond or burpees? Sounds like a wee case of Stockholm Syndrome setting in 😉

  49. So ready for this to be over now! But I am pleasingly myself by consistently chipping away at my under 6 secs per burpee average (my personal goal is a sub 10 mins) I am now at 5.3 secs per burpee-yay.
    I’m with Cindy on continuing this theme of working on weaknesses on a daily basis. I think I may do something along the lines of 30 double-unders a day for 30 days. As I only have 1 every 4 skips a the mo. Idea is that it should get easier every day.. … unlike this challenge!

  50. I must admit, I stopped at around day 83. I was getting an annoying tendonitis flare up in my elbow and it was getting in the way of my training, which at the end of the day is much more important than this burpee challenge. I will still do the odd day and am very much looking forward to the 100 at the BBQ (Did I really just say that…?)

    1. @Simon: I’m definitely feeling the wear and tear on my shoulders now – both the injured and right and worryingly on the left too 🙁 All it means is that I take it very easily through each movement and break it up into 10’s if I need to.

      I totally agree: no sense in damaging oneself!

  51. Yeah, my shoulders are sore, and I have notice that my kipping has gotten worse, the movement feels stiff and I have to imagine it is related. 10 more days!

  52. We’re so so close now peeps. Although I must admit i’m not sure about these non challengers jumping in on the bbq; if you don’t do the time then you don’t get the prime (cut meat) i say 😉

    90 in 8:28- I slow right up after about 50 but on target for my sub 10 mins goal. You speedy guys best continue to cheer me on after you blitz through yours! xx

  53. Amelia – like the idea of working on a weakness for 30 days rather than 100! Great idea! But double unders. I’d almost rather have teeth pulled. It also reminds me of having to go to domestic science classes when I was at school! Can’t wait for end of this now though.

  54. I’m reading… just did my last 17 for the day. Very relieved to see them in the WOD!

  55. so glad that my electricity went off in the night and killed my alarm clock (and my water) now, there’s no way I would have survived 100 burpees this morning!

  56. How many people are likely to be doing their last 100 at the party on Sunday?

    If I do any at all at the party it will probably be just the final 25 as my rate is so slow! And if there are only a few of us and mostly fast people I think I will do all of them at home first.

    My shoulders are so looking forward to the rest now.

  57. Steve – Will there be a particular time that people do their final 5/10 minute challenges or just finishing off their burpees? Or will it just be random whenever people turn up. Would want to get them out of the way before food and drink!

    1. @ Cindy – I think the plan should be to get them done as soon as possible so we can get on with enjoying the rest of the afternoon! Was going to wait until we were roughly quorate and then get it done as a group (with plenty of cheering on!)

      @ Rosie – we’re going to explore running gymnastics in the back room to try and cause minimal disruption to the gymnastics sessions. If that doesn’t work, then we’ll move the party more outside (weather permitting)

  58. these are the final thoughts of a 100 day burpee man.
    I managed 20 burpees yesterday, which leaves 179 to do today. I’m now at work. Have done 2 sets of 20 in the fire stairs. I’ve come back into the office breathless and sweaty twice and no one has said anything. What does this say about my reputation at work?
    I will get the rest out and save the final 100 for the gym later today.
    There is no way I’m going for a fast time! Maybe I’ll have a go at it in a week or so, like Naim said.
    As much as burpees have been in a pain in the a55 I’m actually going to miss these little guys.
    How to fill the burpee void? Focus on skills and tough movements eg pistols, l-sits, double unders, handstands/hspu’s, hand release push ups, strict pull ups, muscle ups, ghd sit ups.

  59. Yes, I definitely want to fill the burpee void with practising difficult skills as well. Makes sense as I have now got into the habit of doing burpees – seems a shame to just stop a good habit. Probably won’t aim for such a high number though – just use the time to practice other things, as Alex said. For me thinking strict pull ups, hspu’s, ring dips and strict push ups.

    Have done 60 of the 100 and leaving 40 for the party.

  60. Just wanted to apologise to all you hardened burpee’ers for stealing a bit of the final day glory. Well done for sticking with it for 100 days! It was great to get a taste for it although I was naughty and just did the last day. The real kudos goes to those who completed the full course! Anyway – nice to see everyone yesterday and see you in the gym. Phil

  61. Thanks Phil.

    I don’t know how other hardened burpee’ers are feeling today? But something is missing! I was lucky enough to have the day off today so got to around 10am and decided to do some strict push ups and strict pull ups. Did 12 and then 7 strict push ups and then strict pull ups on the minute starting at 1 pull up, then 2 etc up to 5. (so 15 by end of 5 mins)

    Oh and then just had to do 25 burpees to finish. I couldn’t help it.

    Look forward to seeing you all in the gym next week after my visit to family in Guernsey this week.

  62. Ha ha! Yes, I know. But I have somehow got used to them and they don’t feel ‘quite’ as bad as they used to – and now I don’t want them to ever go back to feeling as bad as they used to. If that makes sense!

    Plus I do feel they are very good at firing up the metabolism in the morning. And mine needs firing these days!

    And they’re still not as bad as double-unders in my opinion.

  63. p.s thanks Phil for joining me, i’m not sure I would have had the guts to do it by myself!

    I am definitely going to work on my double-unders but probably only a 30 day challenge this time. I am also going to go for my 100 burpees again at the weekend. The adrenalin got to me with all you guys cheering me on and my form went out the window. I want to see what my time will be with full proper not thighs to ground burpees.

    Other reflections;
    It was interesting to see how the challenge change for me as it went on. From being a test of my chest strength, to a mental and discipline test, to ability to keep moving whilst lungs are burning.
    I really think I have worked on some very transferable skills over the last 100 days and not just gym skills but life skills.
    I also appreciated doing community challenge, where I knew you guys were out there somewhere that day doing the same thing as well. It definitely kept me motivated/guilt-ed me into it. I think we should do more of these.

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