WOD 23rd May Push ups on a Monday

24 May

2 weeks away on the beaches of Koh Samui meant I was full of beans for my Monday night classes.

I have to confess I was still pretty tired from the journey home so I did cheat a bit.

I used the morning program, which I had tried out and found kind of nice. I didn’t think it would hurt to repeat it for you lot.

I kept the warm up simple working on a few overhead squats with a pvc.

We held the bottom of the squat for 3 seconds and did 3 reps. We did 5 sets getting progressively narrower each time. This meant your shoulders got a bit of mobility and worked shoulder rotation with a few dislocates.

You breezed through the strength of Front Squats, 3 sets -2×5 & 1×5+

Well Done to Mindy our visitor from the states. Some fine squats coming from your direction.

The programmed WOD was as follows

Kb Snatches 10-8-6-4-2

Push ups      20-18-16-14-12

and 20 double unders between each round.

The snatches were to be preformed on both arms before moving on to the push ups.

The standard for the push ups was hands off.

With the double unders if they were hard then you could do 10, if they were really hard then you could do 40 singles.

Some impressive times from you all especially the girls who pushed through the push ups.

To see how I got along with this WOD check out


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