WOD 28th-30th April All in one!

01 May

Having had all the excitement of the wedding I am a little behind on posts.

Hope you have all had a lovely time celebrating the wedding.

There were loads of street parties round Bethnal Green, having a right royal knees up!

Before it all kicked off though there was the small case of a WOD or two.

Thursday being a nice assortment of squats and burpees.

Firstly strength was our squats. 2×5, 1×5+

We shot through this leaving enough time for a devilish met con.

5 rounds of

10 Overhead Squats

10 Burpees

This was quite nasty on the wrists but do-able. Before we started the WOD we did a few sets to find out which weight would be the right challenge. Rx’d was 35Kg for girls and 45Kg for guys.

This takes me to Saturday, where I was covering for Colin wile he had a well deserved rest.

I was going to follow Colin’s program but as I flicked the main site on my lap top I saw a meaty looking WOD which I just had to give a go.

Before getting started on the session plan I had a request on Thursday to play Duck Duck Goose.

It’s where you all sit in a circle and one person walks round the edge of the class tapping each head while saying Duck, Duck till they tap a head and say Goose! The Tappee then jumps up and chases the Tapper trying to catch them. The Tapper aims to jump into the free seat in the circle.

I decided to make it a bit more Crossfit by adding 5 push ups when the seat is reached.

Almost back at school.

Taking a break from strength our focus was our Jerking skill. The WOD included some jerks so it paid to look at our form first.

We started with just a bar to warm up then moving on to adding weight.

Jerks always click better with some weight.

We wanted to find a weight we could jerk 5 times. Bearing in mind we were cleaning and front squatting also.

I knew this would be a grinder so after finding the weight we didn’t waste time ingetting started.

5 rounds for time of

5 Power Cleans

10 Front Squats

5 Push Jerks

20 Pullups

As a treat there was a 90 second rest.

This was defiantly a tough one. WE out a 25 minute guillotine. Most smashed through the first 3 rounds and or most of the way through the 4th. Simon did well and finished all 5 rounds Whoop! Well Done crew.

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