WOD 2nd May Because I am off on holiday

03 May

I thought I should leave you with a tough one.

Our strength program has had a bit of a shake up.

Back Squats have now become Front Squats.

  • Your Front Squat is going to be a little bit less then your Back Squat.

The format is still the same: 2×5 1×5+

Between working sets where the rest is 2-3 minutes I asked that you worked on either your chin ups or ring dips depending what was your weakest move.

I know personally I have improved my pull up strength from following this active rest routine. Kirsty is doing well too. Maybe soon se wont get beaten up for her pull ups.

Our WOD for today was a mean looking AMRAP of 20 minutes.

5 Thrusters

7 Hang Power Cleans

10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

The rx’d was 40Kg.

Before starting weights were played with and technique looked at.

The music was turned up and the focus was to get through in one piece.

Having done this WOD in a scaled version  I knew how hard it could get.

The trick was to pace yourself!

Well Done Alex for getting 9 rounds in.

James did a sterling job in his first main class.

Good Job Team! See you when I am back.

4 thoughts on “WOD 2nd May Because I am off on holiday

  1. I got a few strict on the Red Band im doing well 🙂 Hopefully soon i will get some strict so you can all stop picking on me lol

  2. thanks for your help on the cleans and for constantly telling me to keep my butt down on the SDLHP

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