WOD 5 May: Metcon Not Required

05 May

Skills day today. No metcon, so easy right? So the session looked like this:

Mobility: forward/backwards arm swings, overhead arm swings, dislocations, overhead squats, press drills

Skill: jerk dip squat 3-3-3-3-3

Skill: L-sit progressions

Finisher: tabata squats

The jerk dip squat was chosen as strength/skill work today because we’re about to embark on more push presses over the coming weeks. Just as we’ve been developing the squat and press, it’s now the turn of some different movements. Today’s drills are not about speed – the jerk dip squat is about postural and positioning strength. The athletes were encouraged to concentrate on dip depth – not going too low. It addition, we strove for constant tension and control.

Moving on to L-Sit progressions, we went through very basic tuck holds to one legged L-Sits and finally trying for the full L-Sit. After this we hit some leg and knee raises to continue building strength for this movement – big focus on controlling the negative down and avoiding too much swing.

Finishing on tabata squats… and for 8am we had a bit of extra time so I also threw in some further core work in the form of a minute and half weighted plank each. And they definitely felt it. Sometimes a metcon just ain’t needed. Go TEAM!

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