WOD 9 & 10 May: Monday Evening, Tuesday Morning

10 May

I took the helm for Sally’s classes last night whilst she enjoys her honeymoon:

Mobility: deep lunge, deep lunge on box, wall slides and kneeling thoracic twists

Skill: kipping

Skill: ring push up variations

Metcon: Nicole400m run (we looped the grassy knoll in the park), max pull ups. As many rounds as possible in 20 mins

Some great work on the kipping which many made use of in the metcon. Since it’s max pull ups everyone was encouraged to challenge themselves, be it kipping pull ups or a harder elastic band.

Straight back in the gym this morning for my own classes, which went as follows:

Mobility: knee hugs, wall squats, wall front squats, Samson stretch

Strength: front squats 5 – 5 – 5+

Metcon: Diane – 100/70kg deadlift, handstand push ups 21-15-9

Great work Edd for doing the metcon as recommended. Everyone else scaled the handstand push ups though they certainly weren’t easy. Well struggled through everyone. Go TEAM!

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