WOD May 10: No Time to Waste.

10 May

WOD: May 10th: No Time to Waste.

After re-reading the article on Virtuosity by Greg Glassman, I opted to change a few things in my class structure. Enter Tuesday, dedicated to classic moves, doublets and triplets at a pace that rivals most WOD’s. Hence the nickname of the day. There was, literally, no time to waste.

We started off with mobility drills, picking the greater of two evils: Wrist flexibility vs. Hip Flexibility in preparation for the Front Squat.

The strength component for the day was the Front Squat, and although a lot of people can lift fairly heavy, not many people can Front Squat with a full grip on the bar. To raise the elbows as high as possible on the way down, it’s easy to let some fingers slide off the bar. Letting fingers slide off the bar means its less secure and it then becomes difficult to grip properly if the follow up movement is a push jerk. Alternate front squats and max strict pull ups was a way to work two major weaknesses everyone has.

3 rounds
30 Push ups
30 Kettlebell Swings
30 Double Unders

There was a 20 minute cut off for this workout. Considering the amount of incredulous looks I got when I said that, no one expected it to take nearly that long. Granted, if the workout had been 2 rounds, that might have been true. The last round changes things considerably. Nearly everyone finished the first round in under 2 minutes and attacked the second round of push ups with the same fervor. The second round of kettlebell swings weren’t that big a problem either. The first stumbles came at the second round of double unders. Athletes started getting gassed and missing skips they would normally get. Still, most athletes finished the second round in under 10 minutes. The third round did everyone one in.

The problem wasn’t so much hitting failure, it was being able to continue to maintain the high rep scheme and not lose concentration. The final double unders are what tripped most athletes up in the end. (Ha. See what I did there?)

Well done to everyone and see you on Sunday.

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  1. I enjoyed it, although was horrified at how bad my round split times became over the WOD…

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