WOD May 15th: Focus. No, really focus.

15 May

WOD May 15th: Focus. No, really focus.

With the majority of my focus back to the fundamentals, I’m working to keep everything simple.

Today was moderately successful in attempting that.

The strength portion was strict press paired up with strict pull ups. It’s a personal favourite and an easy way to force people to work on pull ups whether they want to or not.

The WOD was also very simple.

Do one Power Clean every 30 seconds for 15 minutes.

Anyone feeling particularly brave was welcome to do squat cleans. Considering that the power clean takes under 2 seconds to get done, that means you have 28 seconds of rest between each rep.

By Crossfit standards, 28 seconds is a lifetime.

The problem wasn’t the weight, or the rep scheme, the problem is keeping the form as clean as possible. This wasn’t a difficult workout in terms of work capacity, but more in terms of mental focus. Everyone started off well enough, but around the halfway mark the number of arms that started bending before the hip was open increased. Hips started chasing forward. The focus became less on perfect form and more on just getting the bar up. A few pointers dropped here and there made all the difference, and after a slight falter, the last few reps cleaned up quite well.

See you all Tuesday.

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