WOD May 17th. Harder then it looks.

17 May

Today was less simple skill work but a very simple WOD. Easy looking on the board.

Based off of Sunday’s power clean WOD, there was a need to focus on triple extension, superficially, on being able to open the hips without bending the arms too early. Theoretically, it’s simple. Practically, its very easy to rely on strength if that’s what you’ve always done.

To try to fix the issue, we hit high pulls with a vengeance. High pulls done at heavy weight have a tendency to fry people pretty quickly so we had to work our way up slowly and taper off quickly at the first signs of burnout.

In keeping with my simplistic inspiration, the WOD was very straight forward:

2 Rounds

2 mins max Squats

1 min rest

2 mins max Strict Pull ups

1 min rest

2 mins max push ups

1 min rest

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, looked at that up on the board and thought, “That’s nothing.” 4 minutes of work total per exercise AND there’s rest in between.

Easy peasy.

First things first, everyone got through it and did well. Very well. The fun bit was everyone’s reaction at the end: “Wow. That looked a whole lot easier on the board..”

Again, scheduled rest came and reared it’s ugly head. 1 minute of rest isn’t really enough to let you recover, but it’s just enough to break your stride and cause a stumble.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Primal Power”: To Stephanie, who switched to a primal diet a week ago and hasn’t stopped kicking ass since.

“Fear has a name.” To Jeff and other Jeff. For both proving that the name Jeff should be spoken in hushed tones in dark corners. High standards and high levels of motivation. Be afraid, be very afraid.

“Most culturally diverse.” To the 7:30 class. For the best and most varied number counting of any class.

5 thoughts on “WOD May 17th. Harder then it looks.

  1. Aww thanks Phil! I wanted to nominate Simon for a shout-out for “most colour co-ordinated outfit”… ah well. Seriously though, to anyone who is on the fence about going Primal (if there are any of you left out there!) I was the world’s biggest skeptic about Primal on first heading about it, but have been feeling fab since switching. The gains in steady energy are definitely a worthy tradeoff for losing my Weetabix!

  2. Haha cheers Stephanie! Always try to make sure the wardrobe matches before I leave for training…although if this mickey taking continues there’s only one option…naked training…

    Ahem…anyway I want to nominate Phil for “most likely to grammar fail” (harder thEn it looks?) 😀

  3. Cheers Phil! Fear not the Jeff for he has not yet figured out double unders… or kipping…;)

  4. Simon – don’t criticise Phil’s grammar: he might stop posting completely! 🙂

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