WOD May 24: The Daily Grind

24 May

To grind or not to grind?

Phrased slightly differently: If an athlete is incapable of completing a movement as Rx’d, is it better to scale it down so they can complete a workout with a higher overall power output or is it better to struggle through each rep and complete the workout with an emphasis on strength?

There are different schools of thought, each with their merits, and each with an equally rabid defense of their methodology. Personally, I’m a fan of the “grind it out till I’m good at it.” philosophy.

As such, today focused on some skill, some strength and a whole lot of grind.
The skill portion involved some shoulder prep followed by Turkish Get ups, Double unders, and Knee to Elbows to get ready for the strength portion of the day.

Push Press 2×5 1×5+ alternating with Weighted Pull ups 3×3.

The press, pull up combo is simple, yet effective. The push press is a more dynamic movement then the strict press and is nicely offset with heavier pull ups. Since the weight is adjusted on an individual basis, there’s no need to worry about scaling. The grind came up primarily during the WOD.

WOD: Modified Hero WOD
Originally 6x
50 squats
25 ring dips

Main site record of 14:13.

Scaled to:
15 min AMRAP
50 squats
25 ring dips

When I first looked at this mainsite hero WOD, I figured, how bad could it be? I’m good at squats, I’m pretty decent at ring dips. I can probably bench this out no problem. It might take me three times as long, but that’s fine.

12 minutes later and 2 rounds in, I was reduced to grinding out rings dips one at a time with plenty of rest in between. After 20 minutes and 3 rounds done, I could barely press myself out of the rings and called it.

When I did this WOD in class, the question of scaling was athlete specific. While I will assign scaling in some cases, I tend to prefer grinding out reps instead of blazing through a workout to get a higher number of rounds. I know that if an athlete scales and finishes a workout in an abnormally fast time or high number of rounds, they’ve probably underestimated the weight.

Regardless of scaling, everyone did well on the squat portion and maintained proper form during the ring dips.

Well done and see you all Sunday.

Arbitrary Awards:
“Most Color Coordinated” To Stephanie: For having a jump rope that matches her vibrams. Epic.

“Class Clown.” To Simon: who asks silly questions when I’m not paying attention because he knows I’ll answer them reflexively. Next time I’m going to make you stand in the corner.

“Mechanically advantaged” To Naim: Damn your levers. Your power output sets the bar ridiculously high for the rest of us. (Not that I expect anything less mind you.)

“Balls of Steel.” To Adnan: See below:

So many jokes..
So many jokes..

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