WOD May 3rd: Row. Heave. Row. Repeat.

03 May

Today we took a break from our regularly scheduled programming to get some pointers on how to refine our rowing technique from the Lea Rowing club.

Among our visitors were:

– Bobby Thatcher: Ex GB rowing international and World Championship gold medalist.

– Richard Ellis: Lea RC senior men head coach.

– Josh Coleman-Pecha: Club captain.

A very skilled bunch, to say the least.

Each class received detailed demonstrations, instruction and then had two short rowing tests. The first was 1 min long and the second was 4 mins. In true Crossfit and data junkie fashion, each athlete had various measurements taken and the power output, distance and time of each test was also recorded.

Nothing to it.

Nothing at all.
Nothing at all.
Easy Peasy.
Easy Peasy.








Except the fact that high intensity rowing requires a very, VERY elevated pain threshold. 1 minute is bad enough, but the 4 minute test is both a horribly long time and a very short time simultaneously. Each athlete wasn’t just being assessed on how much distance they could cover, but also on sustained power output and weight to power ratio.

The “benefit” of being the coach was the opportunity to go first. Since my measurements and records were taken first, that meant that as far as everyone was concerned, the important thing wasn’t so much to do their best, but to beat me.

We’re still waiting for the final analysis of the data crunching, but at least 6 people were able to top my scores and more then a few of you came close.

Well done.

A big thank you to everyone who came down tonight, instructors and athletes alike. We had a great time, we all learned a lot, and there isn’t anything quite as satisfying as walking away knowing you trounced a coach.

I freely admit: I’m going to refocus my obsessive compulsive tendencies to rowing until I get my number closer to where I want them to be.

Who’s up for a rematch in 3 months? 😛

Arbitray Awards:

“Dark Horse” To Kyle: For benching out some surprisingly high numbers.

“Custom Built.” To Simon: For having all the right levers for being an awesome rower.

“Most Enthusiastic” To Alex: For being the most eager person I’ve ever seen to do a max effort row test.

“Gunning for you” To Stephanie, Efe, Marek and everyone else who either beat my numbers or came close. Good job keeping me on my toes.

8 thoughts on “WOD May 3rd: Row. Heave. Row. Repeat.

  1. i am so excited to see the pie chart/amazing infographic, telling us how awesome/nonawesome we are! a really interesting sesh.

  2. We’re getting a pie chart!?

    Was a good session, nice to actually have something in the Crossfit world where my freakish genetics don’t put me at a disadvantage to the smaller guys! (I see you gymnastics…)

  3. I want a pie chart! Or failing that, just a pie!
    I’m sure it will be confirmation of how someone with short levers produces a deeply average output. It was fun, though

  4. There isn’t a pie chart per say, but if anyone wants their numbers, shoot me a quick email and I’ll give you the break down.

  5. Buggrit buggrit buggrit. Absoluted gutted to have missed this. I’ve not been checking the site recently out of guilt at my current and enduring lapse in fitness training. Gah! This serves me right.

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