WODs Round Up

20 May

I’ve been covering Sally’s evening classes for the last two weeks. Which I’ve very much enjoyed as I get to see a whole different bunch of athletes and some familiar faces too (minus the just-got-out-bed look that I’m used to… me included).

It’s meant less time (and energy) to blog so here’s some recaps of some of the workouts and usual photos. Go TEAM!

Thursday 12 May 2011


Deadlift 5-5-5+

Weighted chins 5-5-5+

Ring support and stabilisation drills

100 jumping squats finisher

Monday 16 May 2011


Push Press 5-5-5+

AMRAP in 20 mins: 10 overhead squats, 10 toes to bar, 10 sit-ups

Finisher: 4 min squat hold

Tuesday 17 May 2011


Box Squat 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2

AMRAP in 15 mins: 8 cleans, 8 pull ups, 8 double unders

Finisher: 1 min frog stand

Thursday 19 May 2011


Push Press 5-5-5+

Kipping and double unders skill work

Finisher: animal laps

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