Women’s Virtuosity 16 May: Powerful cleaning solution

16 May

Women’s Virtuosity – where women come to hone their skills, train their weaknesses and work to do the common uncommonly well. And have a lovely time and a good laugh doing it!

Tonight’s skills included a squat workshop, sumo deadlift high-pulls, followed by a power clean shop. It’s a tricky move to get down (well, duh, it’s an Olympic sport!) and for some, getting a decent one is a journey of years. But we drilled it like crazy and got progress. The girls slowly increased the weight along with the confidence to throw heavy bars at their throats. Real improvements from all beginning to end.

The WOD was a sweet triplet of
front squats
plank push ups
knees to elbows.

Tell most ordinary girls to do a push up and they immediately sink to their knees. These tough Virtuosity ladies took on the challenge of doing every push up as a full, tight, hand-release, plank push up – no matter what!

But of course if the strength isn’t there yet, there’s always a sub. The rep scheme changed to 10-10-10-10-5 for those doing negative push-ups (push up from knees, lower down as a plank)

Fantastic job to
Sarah: lovely deep front squats
Elle: super trouper doing all this strongly with an injured shoulder,
and Nia – her first taste of a Crossfit London class, having only graduated from beginners yesterday!

Great job. Book now on Monday nights, and see you next week xxx

Note to self: must get bigger ipod speakers to out-BOOM Chris’ music next door 😉

5 thoughts on “Women’s Virtuosity 16 May: Powerful cleaning solution

  1. I feel like a proud Father seeing these beginners i’ve coached progress to main classes…well done Nia!

  2. Thanks for tonight Kate! I’m struggling to walk now! But feel good! see you next week! x

  3. Thanks for a great session Kate. Legs a little Bambi like today though! see you next week!xx

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